PermaLip implants for safe lip augmentation

Safe lip augmentation with PermaLip implants

PermaLip implants are very soft silicone implants which can be inserted into either the top lip or the lower lip as part of a safe lip augmentation procedure.

Given that they are very soft they blend in with the consistency of the lip and provide an instant enlargement. The implants come in various thicknesses and sizes to accommodate the shape and size of the individual’s lips and are very straightforward to insert as part of a safe lip augmentation.

Why choose PermaLip implants for a safe lip augmentation?

The silicone lip implants are not like silicone breast implants, because the lips are moving all the time you do not get chance for a capsular to form around to lip. Because of this, the PermaLip implants are likely to last for a long period of time, and unless the individual requests to have them removed they will provide years of service with minimal upkeep.

Not only offering long lasting results and a safe way to volumise the lips, undergoing a lip augmentation with silicone implants such as PermaLip implants is less costly than repeat lip filler treatments every 12 to 18 months.

The one-off nature of the implant form of augmentation means the long-term cost of lip volumisation will be much less comparatively to fillers. It is however a versatile form of lip augmentation so can be used in combination with other lip augmentation treatments to provide a well-rounded result.

Another benefit of lip implants over injectable treatments, is the aesthetic result. Implants provide a subtle looking volumised result and, thanks to the soft silicone shell of the PermaLip implants, you can be sure of a beautiful result that looks and feels natural.

The only thing that the silicone implants cannot do is improve the lip line, for patients who feel an improvement could be made to the lip line PermaLip implants can be combined with dermal fillers for a more specific, tailored result.

As well as a natural looking result, patients always comment on how natural lips feel, and when it comes to things like kissing the lips rarely feel any different to that of someone who does not have the PermaLip implants.

PermaLip implants are ideal for all ages and it is not just younger women seeking safe lip augmentation for full lips as modelled on their celebrity idols. For example, the silicone implants are perfect for women who are unhappy with the appearance of the lips due to the ageing process.

The innovate lip implants do not affect the way a patient eats or drinks, although patients may experience some swelling, mild bruising or dull pain in the days post treatment. This can be managed with mild pain relief and should subside within a few hours. The swelling will subside within a few days, although some patients don’t experience any.

For more information on PermaLip implants or to find your nearest clinic offering the silicone implants, contact SurgiSol via the contact us pages.



Long term lip augmentation with implants

Choosing a lip augmentation with implants for long term volume improvement

When considering volumisation for the lips, it’s important to remove that dermal fillers can only achieve short term enhancement, whereas lip augmentation with implants is long lasting.

In fact, if performed by a true expert in lip augmentation, permanent implants such as PermaLip can provide a life time solution for lips that lack natural volume or contour and shape.

Choosing a lip augmentation with implants instead of dermal fillers has a variety of benefits, not least the long lasting results. As well as being used to add volume to the upper lip or lower lip, PermaLip implants can also be used to augment the shape and projection of the lips.

For those seeking to change the shape of the lip line itself, lip implants may be combined with volumiser injections or dermal fillers, although this is something to discuss during your consultation with an expert practitioner.

Lip implants are a safe and reliable method of augmenting the lips, and the procedure itself is quick to perform. Treatment lasts under an hour in most cases, and local anaesthetic is all that is required; no general anaesthetic is needed and you will awake throughout the procedure.

Lip contouring using implants such as PermaLip provides excellent natural looking results, and in most cases no one should be able to tell the boost to the lip size or change in shape is down to cosmetic treatment. Thanks to the quality of the implant, you can be sure the augmented lip or lips will look great for years to come.

As well as the longevity and reliability offered by PermaLip implants, there are also several sizes available. This variety ensures your procedure is tailored to your needs and goals, and allows for an outcome that is both subtle yet inexpressive.

Unlike dermal fillers which can cause a lumpy or uneven effect, lip implants as part of a lip augmentation treatment create a smooth and natural looking shape, with no unsightly bumps.

Lip augmentation with implants is a popular and effective way of altering the shape and size of the upper or lower lip without repeat treatments or undergoing invasive surgery. The treatment is quick and requires only small incisions, so the chances of scarring are very minimal, which again makes the results even more natural looking.

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Selecting PermaLip lip implants over lip fillers

Why patients are picking PermaLip lip implants instead of lip fillers

When considering lip augmentation, patients may feel that injectables are the only available option, but PermaLip lip implants can be offered instead of lip fillers for long term and natural-looking results.

PermaLip implants offer a reliable and safe way to a fuller looking pout, and there is no costly upkeep. Unlike lip filler which need to be topped up to maintain the result in the long run, implants such as PermaLip lip implants are a long-term solution to lips lacking natural volume.

New research shows fuller lips are one of the most requested features for women under 34. With so much in the media these days regarding cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments, patients can be forgiven for finding it confusing when choosing a treatment – especially when it comes to the lips.

Thanks to the rise of celebrities, social media, and gossip magazines, patients are inundated daily with images and stories regarding non-surgical lip augmentation. Despite frequent reports of issues surrounding patients undergoing lip augmentation using dermal fillers or volumisers, the trend for boosting the size or altering the shape of the lips sees no sign of stopping.

However, with so many documented risks associated with injectable treatments such as lip fillers, there has been an undeniable rise in the number of women seeking not only a safer and more-reliable option, but also a more permanent solution: PermaLip lip implants.

Unlike dermal fillers and lip filler injections, the PermaLip lip implant is designed to permanently improve the shape and volume of the lips; requiring no top up treatments or repeat procedures.

The implants are available in various sizes, allowing the cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon to offer bespoke and tailored treatment plans to those wishing to improve their natural lip volume or shape.

So what makes PermaLip lip implants different? To start, they are a patented and CE marked device and PermaLip is designed exclusively for the lip. PermaLip lip implants have also undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Made of a soft, solid silicone elastomer using an injection moulding process to produce a naturally contoured implant with a smooth, non-porous surface, the PermaLip lip implants will not rupture or reduce in shape or size, and it can be removed at any time if required.

Designed specifically for the lips, these niche PermaLip lip implants offer a reliable and natural looking results which will last for years to come. No top up injections are necessary thanks to this needleless aesthetic treatment.

Temporary solutions typically involve the use of commercially produced fillers or autologous fat, which can be unpredictable with respect to how long they last, and require repetitive treatments that are painful, repetitive, and costly. PermaLip lip implants remove all of these concerns, simply being placed within the lips for as long as the patient requires.

This long-term solution to thin upper lips or uneven/misshaped lips is available from SurgiSol in the UK. Advanced information can be found on the PermaLip lip implant product page, along with clinical data.

For more information about offering your patients PermaLip lip implants, or further advice on the benefits of implants over injectable fillers, contact the SurgiSol team today.


Best lip augmentation treatment

PermaLip for the best lip augmentation treatment

Did you know the best lip augmentation treatment doesn’t have to include unreliable dermal fillers? Thanks to PermaLip implants, you can enjoy long-lasting lip plumping benefits without injectable treatments such as lip fillers.

SurgiSol believes the best lip augmentation treatment should provide you with permanent volumisation without the need for repeat top up treatment twice or sometimes even three times a year.

PermaLip implants, unlike non-surgical lip fillers, are placed under the skin of the top and/or bottom lip to offer natural-looking long-term lip augmentation results.

Why choose PermaLip implants over dermal fillers for lip augmentation?

PermaLip implants are ideal for patients who want something more reliable than injectables. Eliminating the need for injectable treatments altogether, choosing to undergo a permanent augmentation of the lips using these soft silicone implants means you can have the volume always dreamed from just one simple procedure.

Offered by plastic surgeons and cosmetic experts across the UK, the best lip augmentation uses permanent lip implants to boost the natural volume of the lips allowing patients to enjoy a fuller pout without having to undergo numerous and frequent injectable lip filler treatments.

The PermaLip implants are highly regarded by practitioners within the aesthetics industry as being the best available, and the implants themselves have been rigorously tested to ensure durability as well as versatility for patients.

Available in the best cosmetic clinics across the country, the PermaLip permanent implants offer women of all ages a unique and innovative solution to thin lips, or lips that are in need of augmentation to being unsatisfactory in shape.

Are PermaLip implants suitable for your lip augmentation needs?

It’s important to note that whilst these high grade implants can provide the best lip augmentation in the UK, they are not designed to reduce ageing signs (such as lines or wrinkles) above or to the side of the lips, but rather to improve volume. If lines and wrinkles around the mouth are also of concern, and the size of the lip is not the only issue you wish to treat, these innovative lip implants can be used in combination with anti ageing skin rejuvenation treatments.

Booking a consultation with a medical practitioner who offers PermaLip implants for the best lip augmentation treatment is the best way to determine whether this form of treatment, combination treatment, is right for you.

More information about the best lip augmentation treatment in the UK

For more information about the PermaLip silicone lip implants offered by SurgiSol, or if you are a medical practitioner looking to offer permanent lip augmentation to your patients, please contact a member of the team who will be slightly to offer you more information.


Get fuller lips with lip implants

How to get fuller lips with PermaLip lip implants

PermaLip lip implants can be used to attain a natural looking plump pout without annual top up treatments, as essential with lip augmentation procedures using dermal fillers or volumising injections.

In this week’s blog we look at the benefits of choosing permanent lip augmentation over injectables for fuller lips.

What are PermaLip lip implants?

Made a soft silicone, PermaLip lip implants are small soft shell devices which are placed inside the lip to create fuller lip volume. They can be used on both the upper or lower lip, however the implants are usually more popular for use in the upper lip as this is the area that most patients finds lacks natural volume.

The implants themselves are made of soft silicone and have been rigorously tested for safety and reliability; they should only be placed as part of a minimally invasive lip enhancement procedure undertaken by a medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon.

PermaLip lip implants are available in various sizes to unable your medical practitioner to adapt the lip augmentation results to your cosmetic goals and needs.

Who are PermaLip lip implants suitable for?

Because different sizes easier of PermaLip lip implants are available the procedure itself can be tailored to meet the needs of almost patients seeking lip enhancement. Although these permanent lip implants cannot be used to alter the lip line, they can provide natural looking volume, which in turn creates a plumper looking lip and a more feminine, fuller shape.

What is involved during the insertion of PermaLip lip implants?

The insertion of the lip implants is undertaken as part of a quick and minimally invasive procedure in a clinical setting. After a full consultation to determine which size implants are to be inserted, your medical professional will create small incisions in corners of the mouth to allow the implants to be gently placed within the lip itself.

This treatment is straightforward and is actually fairly quick, with most lip augmentation treatment times being between 20 and 30 minutes. Choosing to undergo a lip augmentation with PermaLip lip implants should be considered carefully, as the procedure to insert the lip implants is considered minimally invasive.

Why choose PermaLip lip implants over dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers and volumiser injections have been used as part of non surgical lip enhancement treatments for quite some time, and can offer good results. However, results of lip enhancement using injectable treatments can often look unnatural, with some patients disliking the result.

The benefit of choosing a lip augmentation with PermaLip lip implants  is that the results can be altered – or the lip implant removed together – should you be unhappy with the end result. Unlike the injectable lip treatments, which require a top up at least once a year to maintain the results, lip implants offer  lip augmentation that requires no follow-up treatments; in the long run making them more cost effective.

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Permanent lip augmentation with PermaLip

Undergoing a permanent lip augmentation using PermaLip implants

Permanent lip augmentation is now possible with PermaLip implants from SurgiSol.

This versatile and unique product is used in cosmetic clinics across the UK by expert medical professionals who offer a permanent lip augmentation to patients seeking a long-term lip plumping solution over injectable lip fillers.

In the past decade, the UK has seen an enormous rise in women seeking lip plumping cosmetic treatments, largely on the back of the celebrity trend which has overtaken muscle relaxing injections in the press. Despite offering an instantaneous result, lip fillers have also gained a reputation for being unreliable – in some cases causing unsatisfactory and uneven results and, in extreme cases, disfigurement – and not providing patients with a long-term solution to thin lips.

With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that the trend for fuller lips has led to the rise of permanent lip implants, such as PermaLip, and becoming one of the most requested forms of cosmetic treatment in the UK. Offering long lasting results and eliminating the need for numerous (bi annual) trips to the cosmetic clinic in order to maintain the results of a non-surgical lip augmentation using dermal fillers, permanent lip augmentation using these silicone implants is now widely considered the best way to have fuller lips forever.

Choosing PermaLip implants

The silicone implants are placed under the skin during a minor surgical procedure where the patient is fully awake, although numbed to maximise comfort during the procedure. A small incision is made in the corner of the lip before the permanent implant is gently manoeuvred into place, before being guided where needed using gentle movements.

This then insures the implant sits in the best place to create the desired result, for the incision is closed the medical practitioner will show you the results to ensure that you are satisfied with the placement of the PermaLip implant.

Implants used during permanent lip mentation are available in various sizes, and can be replaced for a different shape or size at any point during the future. PermaLip silicone implants are rigorously tested and come with full safety approval in the UK, so you can be sure you are receiving the best quality product as part of your permanent lip augmentation with your medical professional.

Thanks to the high-grade materials used, the implants should last for many years, and should only need to be removed if you are no longer in need of the natural size or shape of your lips to be changed. Your medical professional will be able to provide you with detailed information about the PermaLip implants, as well as the benefits of undergoing this form of permanent lip augmentation treatment.

More information about PermaLip for lip augmentation

For further information please contact a member of the team who will be able to answer any of your questions in regards to the permanent implants we offer. There is further information and images on the products pages too.


Millennials choosing lip fillers and lip implants like Permalip

Rise in young women seeking lip fillers and lip implants  

New research has revealed a rise in the number of young women in the US and UK seeking lip augmentation treatments, including lip implants, as a result of a growing fascination with celebrity culture and social media.

According to new findings, the growth in the aesthetics market is down to millennial women seeking aesthetic treatments and cosmetic enhancements to the face, including non-surgical and surgical solutions to lips that need more volume.

More than half of the people searching for cosmetic enhancements are women aged 18-34 according to the figures released by RealSelf, which claims enquiries into lip fillers and lip augmentation procedures using such as lip implants, such as Permalip, are on the rise.

Non-surgical and surgical treatments to volumise the lips are now more popular than ever, with RealSelf suggesting celebrities such as Kylie Jenner – famous for her perfect pout – and Kim Kardashian are behind the spike.

Social media and the daily uploading of photographs to their accounts was also marked as a reason for millennial women seeking treatments such as lip augmentation using lip implants including PermaLip.

Nearly 6 per cent of all searches were for lip augmentation, according to the research which was published on the Mail Online, with an ‘exaggerated pout’ being cited as the goal by one cosmetic doctor.

Of course, lip augmentation is not for everyone, but statistic certainly continue to prove the trend for lip augmentations is only set to rise. Lip fillers may provide a short term solution but lip implants, such as PermaLip, provide the only long term lip augmentation procedure.

For lips that have a lifetime of volume, PermaLip lip augmentation can improve the size and shape of the lips, whilst requiring no top up treatments, unlike dermal fillers and lip fillers. These lip implants are made of soft shelled silicone and can be easily placed under the skin of the lips during a short procedure.

Available only from medical professionals, lip implants such as PermaLip are a reliable and safe product designed to offer natural-looking results for women seeking lip augmentation that doesn’t use lip fillers.

Results of a lip augmentation with PermaLip implants last for as long as the patient wishes to have volume added to the lips, and can be removed at any point in the future – whether that be to remove completely the implant, or to increases the volume of the lip implant.

Choosing lip implants for lip augmentation

Undergoing any form of cosmetic treatment should be considered carefully, and a tailored treatment plan should be created with the individual in mind. What is suitable for one patient may not be suitable for another, but generally lip implants such as PermaLip implants can provide a real-touch feel and appearance to the lips – something not always possible when using dermal fillers such as lip fillers.

An alternative to lip fillers, PermaLip implants are a safe and tested form of facial implant made from high quality products to ensure patient satisfaction and safety. If you’d like more information on the benefits of choosing lip augmentation with lip implants instead of lip fillers email SurgiSol.

To find a local clinic or medical professional offering the PermaLip implants for use in permanent lip augmentation, please contact the SurgiSol team today.

Why offer lip implants over dermal fillers

Should patients be choosing lip implants over dermal fillers?

A frequent question asked by patients is whether they should choose lip implants over fillers. Whilst dermal fillers and volumiser injections for the lips can improve volume and alter the shape and size of the lip, the results can often be uneven, and in all cases the results are not permanent.

With this in mind, this week’s blog focuses on the positives when considering lip implants over fillers. Here are 6 reasons to consider PermaLip implants to augment the lips without non surgical injectables.

Lip implants are long lasting

As well as providing an immediate affect one of the main plus points for choosing lip implants over fillers is that they last for much longer. In most cases a patient undergoing lip augmentation using dermal fillers or volumiser injections will require top up treatments every 18-24 months; with lip implants like PermaLip only one treatment is needed and the volumised result is there for as long as the patient desires.

Implants for the lips are more reliable

Unlike dermal fillers, lip implants such as PermaLip can be removed if the patient isn’t satisfied, or replaced/enlarged if desired. This tailored approach ensures all patients are given the correct size implant to make a subtle but tangible change in lip size, whereas dermal fillers and volumising lip injections can often make the lips appear overfilled and out of proportion.

Lip implant procedures are quick to perform

Treatment times vary depending on the patient, but most permanent lip augmentation procedures using PermaLip implants take under an hour. In some cases just half an hour is needed to reshape the upper lip or lower lip. Once the consultation is complete, and suitability is confirmed, the procedure itself is straight forward and can be performed swiftly in the clinical setting of your choice. Removing the need for repeat lip filler treatment is a popular reason for why patients now choose lip implants over fillers.

Fewer complications are associated with lip implants

As with all cosmetic treatments there are risks and side effects that must be considered prior to undergoing lip augmentation using PermaLip implants, however one reasons to choose lip implants over fillers is the reliability and safety factor. Unlike lip injections which can cause lumpy or uneven results, implants for the lips such as PermaLip are highly recommended by experts for their reliability and quality.

Lip implants are cheaper

In the long run lip implants are cheaper than dermal fillers because no repeat treatments are needed. Of course, the initial cost is a little more, but when you spread the upkeep costs of lip fillers over the years this becomes quite minimal in comparison.

PermaLip implants can be combined with injectable treatments too

As well as a standalone form of lip augmentation, lip implants including PermaLip are easily used in combination with dermal fillers, where needed, to improve the shape and proportions of the lip line. For example, in older patients, where volume loss includes the lip line, a combination of lip implants and dermal fillers, volumiser injections or lip fillers may be offered.


Choosing lip augmentation in the UK with implants

PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK

A soft implant designed to be inserted within the top or lower lip, PermaLip implants are often used as part of surgical lip augmentation in the UK. Unlike dermal fillers or lip fillers, this type of lip augmentation is permanent and offers long-term volumisation to the lips.

It’s well-documented ageing phenomena that the lips lose volume and get smaller as we get older, and it is usually the top lip which suffers more than the lower lip. As part of a lip augmention in the UK, the silicone implants provide a natural looking and rejuvenating volume boost to ageing lips.

Providing an immediate lip augmentation in the UK, the implants are available in several thicknesses to alter the projection, shape and/or size of the patient’s lips as part of straightforward minor surgical procedure.

Placing the PermaLip implants involves a very small incision in each corner of the mouth, after a full consultation beforehand. The implant is then carefully moved into place, and the practitioner checks to make sure it’s in the correct position before closing the incisions.

This form of lip augmentation in the UK can be done under local anaesthetic and the main advantage of the silicone implants is that if, for any reason, the patient does not like the results of the lip augmentation using PermaLip implants they can be easily removed.

The biggest advantage of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK over dermal fillers is that this procedure is permanent, and offers a long-term solution to lips that require volumisation or reshaping.

Satisfaction rates on the whole for these lip implants are high; largely because it eliminates the need for the patient to frequently return to the clinic for lip filler top up treatments. Not only can top up treatments with dermal filler in the lips be painful and time-consuming, it can also be an expensive repeat treatment for patients who decide they enjoy the fuller-lipped look.

One of the benefits of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK is that they allow the patient to change the size of the implant as they so wish, or indeed have them removed if they no longer wish to benefit from the volumising effect of the implants.

Replacing a larger implant with a smaller implant can result in some movement, so if you wanted to go down in size you would need the larger implant removed then let the lip tissues heal before starting the process of introducing a smaller implant via a new incision once the lip is healed a month or so later.

The benefit of undergoing PermaLip implants in London as part of a lip augmentation is not only are the results permanent, but the process and procedure is fairly simple, and risk of reaction or complication is much lower than that with dermal filler and lip fillers.

An additional positive of using PermaLip implants over dermal fillers for lip augmentation in the UK, is that unlike permanent fillers they are easily removed. It is difficult to remove permanent fillers without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, but with these soft implants we can easily remove it in one piece just as it went in, making a completely reversible and safe form of lip augmentation for patients.

Another benefit of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK is that they can be used on the upper or lower lip, though it is undoubtedly more common for patients to seek volumising treatment or reshaping treatment for the upper lip.

For more information on lip augmentation in the UK with PermaLip implants, or to find your nearest cosmetic clinic offering this form of aesthetic treatment, contact SurgiSol directly.


Permanent lip augmentation in UK clinics

More clinics than ever offering permanent lip augmentation

The news is out! As the trend for fuller lips continues to rise, more cosmetic clinics than ever before are offering permanent lip implants for lip augmentation alongside or instead of dermal fillers.

Whether the patient wishes to plump their pout significantly, or simply opt for a subtle and natural looking boost to the lip line, there are both surgical and non surgical ways to improve the appearance of the lips.

Of course, while injectable lip augmentation treatments remain popular, especially with younger women seeking to improve their pout, the rise of permanent implants continues to make headlines in the UK. Offering a permanent and long-term solution to lips which may lack natural volume or are unsatisfactory in fullness, permanent implants such as PermaLip provide a solution which does not require biannual top treatments and ensure even, natural-looking lip augmentation results.

PermaLip implants are available in various sizes to enable patients to choose the lip fullness they truly want. Made of soft silicone which has been rigorously tested and approved for safety, these lip implants can be used as part of a permanent lip augmentation under the supervision of a plastic surgeon or aesthetic practitioner.

What happens during a permanent lip augmentation using PermaLip silicone implants?

– A consultation is performed by a practitioner prior to permanent lip augmentation taking place. The consultation process allows for the patient to ask any questions and understand the limitations and risks undergoing this form of lip augmentation treatment.

– The implants, which are offered in various sizes, are placed under the skin of the lip during a short, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

– The lips are numbed before very small incisions are made in the corners of the lips to allow the practitioner to place the implant below the surface of the skin.

– Once the implant is in place the practitioner will ensure that the placement is perfect and that the patient is pleased with the appearance of the immediately fuller lips.

– Usually patients will be free to leave the clinic as soon as the procedure is complete. A follow up appointment is then made to check the PermaLip lip implants have settled well, and to see how the patient feel about the results.

– The PermaLip lip implants can be removed at any time if the patient no longer wishes to enjoy the benefits of a fuller lipped look

Lip implant size can also be amended; however it is easier to change the implants to larger sizes rather than smaller. If a smaller implant is required, the implants will need to be removed and the area healed entirely before new PermaLip implants can be re-introduced to the lip.

In nearly all cases most patients are delighted with the results of the permanent lip augmentation, and choose to keep their permanent implants for many years to come. In the right hands, this form of lip augmentation is a reliable and long-term lip volumizing treatment for the net area, and there are very few instances of side-effects or complications as a result of undergoing this form of a cosmetic treatment.

Please contact a member of the team for further information on how permanent lip implants, like PermaLip, can form part of your long-term lip augmentation plans.