Heine DeltaOne Dermatoscope

HEINE DeltaOne Dermatoscope


Mobility and quality have now become one. The new Heine DeltaOne Dermatoscope

Key benefits:

Small on the outside, big on the inside – this mobile masterpiece is taking professionals by storm.

The crystal clear image was accomplished using the new achromatic Heine optical system.

Whats more, it produces extraordinary colour rendering, due to the quality of Heine’s LED HQ.

Examinations are now particularly comfortable due to the polarisation allowing doctors to work glare-free and without disrupting reflections.

These features – CLARITY, LED HQ and NON-REFLECTIVE working – are what turn the DeltaOne into a vital tool to carry in your pocket wherever you go.


  • Fit’s your pocket 

…by small and portable design.

  • Razor sharp images 

…by high quality achromatic HEINE optical system

    No matter what distance you look through the lens,

    you will always have the perfect image.

  • True color reproduction 

…by outstanding lighting in LED HQ.

  • Large 22mm high quality lens 

…with “REAL” 21mm view.

  • Glare and reflection free view 

…by polarization.

  • Lighting adjusts to your preference 

3 levels of light intensity.

  • Digital documentation

…via adapter and exclusive App.


Additional information

excluding VAT


Two Colour Options

Available either in the Standard Edition (Black/Silver) or in White.


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