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The dermatoscope is the dermatologist’s stethoscope. With a wide range of dermatoscopes – also called reflected-light microscopes – we are supporting the diagnosis of skin cancer and other diseases such as alopecia, inflammatory skin lesions, parasitization and differentiation of foreign bodies.

In close cooperation with health care professionals Heine drive the development of cutting-edge technologies, to keep providing new solutions for the long-term and to offer health care professionals an optimal use and best conditions for making an accurate diagnosis.

Digital dermatoscopy simplifies every day practice life by for example being able to directly compare images, show them to your patients or to simple exchange them with a colleague.

The DELTA20 T combines precision optics with the option to toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination (toggle function). The focusing system provides a 10x to 16x magnification.

With the help of a special camera adaptor images can be documented and compared with previous examination results.

Unrivalled precision optics with the HEINE DELTA20 T

Due to its toggle function, the DELTA20 T allows pigmented and non-pigmented skin tumours to be assessed with both polarised and non-polarised light. The vascular structures of a skin lesion can be assessed particularly well with polarised light. Ever since the presentation of the revised 2-stage algorithm in 2010, vascular examination of the morphology and arrangement of the vessels has steadily gained in significance, especially when typical melanocytic structures are missing, e.g. upon manifestation of amelanotic melanoma. In a recent article by Yaei et al. 2017 in the Journal of Dermatology, the DELTA20 T is mentioned as being superior in the examination of vascular structures based on the optical precision and the toggle function of the dermatoscope.

HEINE iC1 for digital dermatoscopy

With the HEINE iC1 you will always have state-of-the-art technology and be absolutely mobile. The high quality HEINE Precision Optics of our iC 1 combined with an Apple iPhone and the HEINE iC1 App make it the ideal device for health care professionals who wish to have an integration into their practice management.

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