Heine LoupeLight2 Set


For medical professionals seeking comfort and high quality illumination when diagnosing and treating patients, the Heine LoupeLight 2 is a reliable and versatile option.

Ideal for the discerning medical professional, this sophisticated medical lighting and frame structure is designed to be used during consultations and subsequent procedures to get the best outcome.

The compact LED HQ Headlight is now even brighter, ensuring the unique combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance. Thanks to the impressively high quality illumination with LED HQ, this maximises the image quality of the loupe.

Heine is always striving to improve the user experience on all products, and the Heine LoupeLight 2 is no exception. For a clearer view and a precise diagnosis for patients, the LoupeLight 2 is now 25 per cent brighter than the proceeding model.

With a homogeneous edge-to-edge illumination of typ. 55,000 lux, this is an impressive medical lighting device. For intensive use during consultation or diagnosis, the Heine LoupeLight 2 now features a useful replaceable connecting cord. This connects the device directly to the new and compact power source for the LoupeLight 2: the mPack mini.

The Heine LoupeLight 2 has an LED lamp for mounting on the HEINE HR and HRP Binocular Loupes, and delivers impressive homogenous and bright light to ensure maximum usefulness and reliability. Additional optimal coaxial light ray and true colour rendition make this an exceptional medical device for diagnosis.

Compact and user-friendly, this is a lightweight medical lighting device designed for high wearer comfort; it’s an ideal long-wear light when used with the Heine loupes. Weighing just 50g, this is much lighter than other similar devices available outside of the Heine range.

Fully aluminium housing protects the lenses from dust and dirt, allowing for complete satisfaction and unparalleled user experience. An additional benefit of choosing the Heine LoupeLight 2 is shadowless illumination, but the illumination angle can also be continuously adjusted, making it versatile.

Technical Details:

  • Illumination: 55,000 Lux
  • Colour temperature: 4,000 Kelvin
  • Lamp lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Inclination angle: continuously, individually adjustable
  • Light field: in sync with HR / HRP loupes, 81 mm ? at 420 mm working distance; 95 mm ? at 520 mm working distance
  • LoupeLight 2 weight: 50 g
  • Battery pack weight: 81 g
  • Battery pack dimensions: 44 x 23 x 101 mm
  • Exchangeable connecting cable with splash protected thread connection. Length: 1.6 m
  • Operating life of medical lighting device: 9 hours with mPack mini battery pack, 4 hours at max power


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