PermaLip lip enhancement

Representing the very best in aesthetic devices, PermaLip lip enhancement are designed to offer a solution for patients seeking long lasting lip enhancement.

With lip augmentation procedures continuing to rise year on year, and patients becoming more savvy in seeking long term lip enhancement solutions that don’t require top-up treatments, SurgiSol is pleased to bring medical professionals PermaLip.

A clinically-proven safe and definitive solution for permanent lip enhancement, PermaLip is a patented, CE marked medical device designed exclusively for lip augmentation and has undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure its safety and efficiency.

One of the greatest challenges in cosmetic surgery of the perioral region was the search for an effective solution to permanent lip augmentation. Past methodologies for lip augmentation, whether that’s temporary solutions such as dermal fillers and lip plumping injections or permanent lip implants, have met with disappointing results.

Frustrating for both the medical professional and patients, the aesthetic industry struggled for many years to provide the ultimate lip enhancement. Temporary lip enhancement solutions typically involve the use of commercially produced synthetic dermal fillers or autologous fat, which both often offer unpredictable results.

More often than not, lip enhancement treatments are repetitive and, as a result, can be costly as along term lip augmentation strategy. PermaLip represents the most forward-thinking and effective medical device that ensures long lasting lip enhancement with minimal recovery time.

Until PermaLip lip implants came to the UK aesthetics market, permanent lip augmentation solutions have relied on lip implants that may, due to their surface characteristics, promote tissue ingrowth. This resulted in a restriction of movement and an unnatural lip augmentation appearance.

PermaLip permanent lip implants, however, are made of a soft yet solid silicone which offers patients natural-looking fuller lips without the complications associated with dermal fillers or old fashioned permanent lip enhancement methods.

Offering natural lip enhancement, PermaLip is not an injectable filler, but a silicone-based device that is contoured to match the shape of a patient’s lip. Minimising the chances of tissue ingrowth and complications associated with out dated permanent lip augmentation treatments, this type of device improves the volume of the upper or lower lip safely.

PermaLip is a permanent lip enhancement tool but can easily be removed should the patient reconsider their choice, or if they wish to increase the size of the implant. Subsequently, PermaLip lip implants are now available in a variety of sizes to achieve
customised results for each and every lip augmentation patient.

Using an injection molding process to produce a naturally contoured implant with a smooth non-porous surface, the implant cannot rupture or deflate, and may be removed at any time. An ideal permanent lip augmentation device, patients are delighted with the subtle boost to lip volume and the versatility of PermaLip.

The lip implants are available in different sizes, making PermaLip popular with both patients and medical professionals, who are both seeking a safe and reliable method of lip volumisation that offers long term results and quick treatment times.

See below for before and after images of patients that have undergone permanent lip enhancement with PermaLip silicone lip implants. The brochure PDF attached will also provide device specifics. To find out more about permanent lip enhancement using permanent lip implants please contact the SurgiSol team via the Contact Us page.