HEINE ML4 LED Headlight available now

The HEINE ML4 LED Headlight combines illumination in LEDHQ with optimum wearing comfort.

At SurgiSol we are now offering the HEINE ML4 LED Headlight as part of the versatile range from the industry-leading brand. Find out more in our latest blog below.

When it comes to offering patients detailed and accurate analysis, and intricate treatments or procedures, having the right tech at your disposal is invaluable. In private practice, we know all too well how important reliability is, and high spec products designed to help you work seamlessly and quickly or something we take very seriously at SurgiSol.

To make sure you are providing the best possible service for your patients, it’s of course a no-brainer that you want illuminating and magnifying products to use during diagnosis, and products which are proven to be both reliable and easy to use.

Making sure you have the tools at your disposal to perform accurate diagnosis and detailed treatment is something we understand is of vital importance.

At SurgiSol we have spent years seeking out the best medical tools to enable you to treat your patience effectively and smoothly. From headlights (such as the HEINE ML4 LED Headlight) to magnifying loups, we have a vast selection of medical equipment which is designed solely to improve your experience, and take your level of service to the next level.

HEINE and SurgiSol

The HEINE products available through SurgiSol offer above and beyond the quality and technology you may have come to expect from products of this nature. With lightweight but strong materials used in each and every product, and variable magnifying elements on offer, the HEINE range not only offers wearability and durability, but also a personalised user experience.

For example, if you are looking to improve accuracy during diagnosis having the right tools at your disposal is invaluable. The magnifying and lighting technology available from SurgiSol from HEINE means you can adapt your chosen product to suit your specific requirements, making it a versatile and necessary addition to your private practice and the treatments you offer.

Knowing you can trust the tools you have at your disposal cannot be underestimated and we truly understand the importance of having the most up-to-date technology. Whether you are performing detailed skin analysis, or you require guidance on which magnification is most suitable to specific procedures or treatments, our team of experts are more than happy to help you make an informed and educated choice.

Discover the benefits of choosing the HEINE ML4 LED Headlight

For more information about any of the products in the HEINE range – such as magnifying binoculars or headlights – please contact a member of the SurgiSol sales team who will be on hand to answer any questions over the phone. Alternatively, we’d be delighted to visit you on location and showcase the unique products available at your convenience.

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What can the HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight offer you?

SurgiSol offer the HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight as well as other headlights and loupes.

Available exclusively in the UK from SurgiSol, HEINE’s latest range of headlights and loupes – including the HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight – are designed to be flexible and functional.

HEINE quality is what generations of doctors have relied on. Every HEINE product – made in Germany – is world leading in terms of precision, ergonomic design and durability, and meets the relevant international standards.

A high-resolution achromatically correct lens system, with edge-to-edge clarity and detail, using ground optical grade glass lenses for precision optics with anti-reflective coatings provides crisp, high-resolution images.

What does the ML4 LED HeadLight offer?

HEINE’s ML4 LED HeadLight with its ergonomic design without compromises has multiple adjustment points for comfort and stability and offers 100% freedom of movement without being tethered to a light source and an adjustable spot size from 30mm to 80mm (at a working distance of 420 mm) to fit any examination situation.

The colour rendering index (CRI) indicates how exact colours are reproduced in comparison with daylight. The ML4 LED HeadLight produces an excellent CRI value of 90, perfect for any tissue work.

Integrated high quality LEDs have a virtually unlimited working life. HEINE LED Headlights are maintenance-free. The battery life is extended by the high efficiency of the LEDs and their low power consumption.

To be able to discern even the slightest abnormalities, it is necessary to properly illuminate the object being examined. It’s not a question of utilising the brightest LED available, but using the right LED and combining it with the optical system of the instrument to achieve the optimum brightness for the examination. This is guaranteed with all of HEINE LEDHQ instruments.

In many diagnostic situations, glare and reflections can be an unwanted byproduct of additional illumination. HEINE have developed a simple but amazingly effective new solution for minimising this problem. Their P2 Polarisation Filter System for their lighting and magnifying loupe combinations, giving you even better views and more detail than before. This new system is available for the ML4 LED Headlight with HR Binocular Loupes and the LED LoupeLight with HR Binocular Loupes.

Why choose the P2 Polarisation Filter System?

The P2 Polarisation filter is a high-performance polarisation system that consists of a filter for the illumination source, as well as 2 filters for your HEINE Binocular Loupes. For example in dentistry, the P2 Polarisation Filter System helps to reduce reflections in the mouth for bright, high contrast and glare free view.

In sclerotherapy/cosmetic surgery procedures, the filter allows direct subsurface visualisation through the superficial skin layers for better visualisation of veins. The HEINE P2 supports dermatologic procedures such as hair follicle examination, spider veins, psoriatic pits (nails), and excision of skin cancer.

In all applications, contrast is improved and reflections minimised. The polarisation filter can also help to accentuate the appearance of inflammation in acne and sun damage. HEINE binocular loupes and illumination – simplifying examinations for the most accurate diagnosis.

What makes other HEINE products, such as the LED LoupeLight, industry-leading?

The combination of light and magnification delivers the ultimate in performance as high quality illumination maximises the image quality of the loupe. Featuring LEDHQ illumination for homogeneous illumination with accurate colour rendering that fills the entire field of view from edge-to-edge, the LED LoupeLight is the perfect complement to the 2.5x magnification. All in all, a perfectly matched system with high quality components.

For those who need a compact, lightweight illumination solution without magnification, we offer the LED MicroLight. Featuring LEDHQ illumination for homogeneous illumination with true and natural colour rendering for every examination situation. Two mounting options offer individuality and easy handling, making the products versatile; illumination without compromises, in a lightweight design.

All of HEINE’s headlight solutions have an adjustable viewing angle over a wide range that provides a completely shadow-free image and coaxial illumination of difficult to see areas. Precision lenses combined with LEDs in HEINE quality provide an absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge to edge.

For further information on HEINE’s range of headlights and loupes please contact SurgiSol on info@surgisol.com



Discovering the HEINE Loupe System

The benefits of choosing the HEINE Loupe System for your clinic

When it comes to choosing equipment you can trust during plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery or skin surgery, the HEINE Loupe System is a must-have for surgeons looking for quality and reliability.

At SurgiSol we understand that performing detailed and intricate surgical procedures requires the right tools, and that’s why we’re proud to be the exclusive UK supplier of HEINE products, including the HEINE Loupe System.

Offering both the HEINE HR Binocular Loupes and HEINE HRP Loupes, SurgiSol has brought together two of the most high-resolution achromatic optics; both with excellent optical qualities.

HEINE Binocular Loupes and Illumination help to simplify examinations for the most accurate diagnosis. With a fully customised magnification system for every application, the high-resolution achromatically correct lens system guarantees edge-to-edge clarity and detail during surgical procedures and initial examinations.

Every examination situation is different, every working distance is different and every interpupillary distance is different. Therefore we have 4 simple steps to guarantee the best Loupe configuration for you to ensure you get the most out of your HEINE Loupe System.

SurgiSol’s team will help you to adjust and customise your personalised loupe to your individual requirements, providing you with a reliable instrument that will serve you for many years to come.

We know choosing your tools for surgery and examinations isn’t a one size fits all process, so at SugiSol we know you’ll enjoy the individuality of the HEINE range – especially the Loupes.

You’ll be able to choose your working distance, magnification, mounting option and illumination, meaning your HEINE Loupes will be customised to meet your specific needs. Whether you choose the lightweight spectacle frame or the headband mounting option for fatigue-free work, the visual sharpness of the focal area can be varied, depending on the working field and the size of the use.

An expert opinion:

Dr. T. Esser has been using the HEINE Loupe System for some time and says the excellent magnification has made near impossible surgery a reality. He says:

“I have been working with the HEINE Loupe System for many years and it was a great pleasure for me to thoroughly test the new polarisation filter and the latest LED LoupeLight.

“As Consultant and Head of the cluster hand surgery in the clinic for Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery and Sports Medicine, Flensburg, I am working in the field of microsurgical reconstruction of serious hand injuries, such as tendon injuries and nerve lesions as well as vascular reconstruction on a daily basis.

“Thanks to the magnification, tissue-conserving preparation, anatomical representation and microsurgical reconstruction are now possible. The use of the polarisation filter resulted in a clear contrast enhancement, making it easier for us to identify and reconstruct neuronal structures, especially during long surgeries. “

For further information about the HEINE Loupe System and how it could benefit your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery clinic, email or call the SurgiSol team today.

With a range of products and services designed to improve your visual awareness during surgery, the HEINE products are quality assured for use in the UK.