PermaLip lip implants in London

Choosing PermaLip lip implants in London

There are numerous reasons a person may choose to undergo a lip augmentation but for those seeking lip implants in London it’s beneficial to choose a brand you can trust.

Plastic surgeons and medical professionals up-and-down the country are offering fantastic ways to improve the shape or size of the lips, however it is only with permanent lip implant in London that you can permanently improve the size and projection of your lips.

Beautiful ball let’s have become a sign of femininity and all one of the most requested forms of cosmetic treatment currently available in the UK. This is also the current situation in America, where lip augmentation has seen the biggest growth in popularity reported by clinics.

There is no denying that lip implants in London have become a widely popular form of cosmetic treatment. Unlike dermal fillers which are semi permanent and can cause lasting damage to the tissues of the lip, lip implants slide delicately into the lips to transform the way they look and feel.

There is no need to undergo continual injectable dermal filler treatments thanks to the arrival of permanent lip implants in London which are designed to offer a long-term solution to lips that are lacking in natural volume.

What are the benefits to choosing PermaLip?

The benefit of choosing PermaLip implants in London as part of a lip augmentation is not only are the results permanent, but the process and procedure is fairly simple, and risk of reaction or complication is much lower than that with dermal filler and lip fillers.

An additional positive of using PermaLip implants over dermal fillers for lip augmentation in the UK, is that unlike permanent fillers they are easily removed. This makes them more desirable for many patients.

It is difficult to remove permanent fillers without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, but with these soft implants we can easily remove it in one piece just as it went in, making a completely reversible and safe form of lip augmentation for patients.

Another benefit of PermaLip that they can be used on the upper or lower lip, though it is undoubtedly more common for patients to seek volumising treatment or reshaping treatment for the upper lip.

For more information on lip implants in London with PermaLip, or to find your nearest cosmetic clinic offering this form of aesthetic treatment, contact SurgiSol directly.