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SurgiSol (Surgical Solutions) represents both as a distributor and agent only the highest quality surgical products. Specialising in niche products for plastic, cosmetic, dermatology and other skin related surgery.

Launched in October 2019 were the two newest dermatoscopes on the market.  The HEINE DELTAone and the HEINE DELTA 30.  These devices have taken dermoscopy to the next level.  See https://surgisol.com/product-category/heine-dermatoscopes/ 

SurgiSol is proud to have the latest technology in lip enhancement to its portfolio – PermaLip™  The safe, definitive solution for permanent lip enhancement.
(See the products section for further information)

Following over 10 years representing medical devices , the company Surgisol was launched in 2008. SurgiSol’s expertise comes in the form of dealing with all forms of individuals and specialties, from procurement to theatres to clinics.

SurgiSol’s business ethos is to follow a simple 3 stage philosophy:

  • High Quality Products
  • Reliability
  • Excellent Customer Service

Our company slogan is “Integrity Throughout”

SurgiSol regularly attends all the leading exhibitions in the UK for the plastic and aesthetic market.  Below you will see past pictures of exhibitions that we have attended.




SurgiSol’s product portfolio currently consists of:-

HEINE Dermatoscopes – Heine originally introduced the modern day dermatoscope in 1989.  This changed and revolutionised dermatologists way of examining and diagnosing skin lesions. 30 years later Heine managed to do it again, and launched their two newest devices to date; the HEINE DELTAone and the HEINE DELTA 30.  With incredible optics and user simplicity in mind, these truly are the next level in handheld dermatoscopes.

PermaLip – designed exclusively for lip augmentation (enhancement). PermaLip is the alternative to injectable fillers and is growing in popularity not only in the UK but globally. The reason being is that it provides a long lasting fuller, more volumised result with a very natural look. And is easily removable. More importantly it is a safe and clinically tested product.

Perma-Tunneler – until recently the PermaLip procedure required a specialised instrument that was expensive and was re-useable. Now, SurgiSol has come up with a solution in the form of a single-use instrument designed for the PermaLip procedure.

Electrosurgery – a comprehensive range electrosurgical units, offers the end user something that they actually need. A full range of accessories for these units is also available.

Smoke Evacuation – a simple space saving unit designed for the extraction of surgical smoke plume that is created during electrosurgical procedures. SurgiSol has the new Aaron Bovie Smoke Shark II which is sleeker and more compact than the previous model. The added benefit is it gives you the option of using tubing of varying diameters eliminating the need to be tied down to one specific type of tubing.

Surgical Headlight – the new Heine ML4 provides the surgeon 100% freedom of mobility without the need for cables. See product section for full details.

Heine LED MicroLight2 – the newest addition to SurgiSol’s range of surgical headlights is the latest in LED technology, the Heine LED MicroLight2.  This offers an incredibly powerful light source and utmost comfort without the weight associated with conventional headmounted options.  See product section for full details.

Heine Loupes – high quality optical lenses are important when requiring the use of loupes. SurgiSol is able to provide what it believes to be some of the market leading loupes. The loupes we supply are flexible in the sense that as your eyesight changes you will not need to have to send your loupes back to a manufacturer to be altered; instead this can all be done by yourself. Magnification ranging from the standard 2.5x (most commonly used) all the way to 6x are available.

Single-use Bipolar Forceps – bipolar forceps have traditionally always been re-useable. Today with issues relating to infection control and the cost and time factor involved with sterilisation, SurgiSol is now able to supply single-use bipolar forceps for a wide variety of electrosurgical units. Different styles such as Adson, Straight, Bayonet are all available with a choice of standard or fine tip. Please see product section for further information.

For any further product information or training please contact SurgiSol using the contact page. Is there a product we should be supplying that you know of?  Or is there a particular product you are looking for?  Please contact us for further details.

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