Get the perfect pout with PermaLip

How to get the perfect pout with permanent lip implants

What defines the perfect pout? Fullness? Volume? Plumpness? The answer for many women is all of the above, and that’s why the arrival of PermaLip silicone implants has proved such a revelation.

The quest for the perfect pout isn’t actually anything new. Despite the daily influx of celebrity stories we see in the media, lip augmentation procedures have been around for some time now. Which people choose inevitably comes to cost and longevity.

There are a variety of versions of lip augmentation. Here we briefly explain what’s available and why ultimately silicone lip implants are the most satisfying long term.

Silicone lip implants

Known as the only permanent lip augmentation available, the perfect pout can be achieved forever with silicone lip implants such as PermaLip.

PermaLip is the gold standard in permanent lip augmentation, giving you natural looking volume in either the lower or upper lip – or both! The silicone is regulated and tested to ensure safety and the implants will not rupture.

Available in clinics across the UK, this versatile method of lip enhancement can be used to get bigger lips without the need for injectables and repeat treatments. It’s a quick procedure, taking less than one hour, and is a one off cost.

You can find out more detailed information about PermaLip and the benefits to choosing this as your lip augmentation procedure by clicking on out products pages.

Lip fillers and volumising injections

The least expensive (for a one off treatment) is dermal fillers, otherwise know as lip fillers. These are injections that need topping up every 12-18 months, so while they may seem cheaper to begin with, they end up costing a lot through your lifetime.

The results can be unnatural if overused, and there are many examples of fillers causing lumps and bumps under the skin. They are however incredibly popular, especially with the selfie generation.

Fat transfer

A lesser known form of lip augmentation is via fat transfer. During fat transfer the lips are enhanced in size using the body’s own fat cells. These are taken from another area, usually the abdomen or buttocks, are replaced in the lips via injections.

This is a more natural way to boost volume and get the perfect pout, however results cannot be guaranteed. Every single person reacts differently to this for of lip augmentation, and often the fat takes in one area but not another, leaving the lips looking uneven sometimes.

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