Lip implants for thin lips

Choosing lip implants to improve the appearance of thin lips

For people concerned with unnaturally thin lips it may be the first port of call to consider a cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or lip fillers, however lip implants can provide a long-lasting solution to lips that lack volume.

Some people are blessed with naturally fall and plump lips, however it is a come on complaint, especially amongst women, for the upper lip to appear lacking in volume or feminine shape. While dermal fillers can of course be used to improve volume and are actually the best form of cosmetic treatment if you wish to fill lip lines, it is actually lip implants that can offer the most effective solution to thin lips.

Thin lips can be a result of the ageing process, where we lose collagen and skin strength after years passed by, but equally many people are born with naturally thin lips. In some cases one lip may perhaps be slightly bigger than the other resulting in the person feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their mouth on the whole.

Lip implants are specifically designed to be placed under the skin of the lip to provide a natural boost to the shape and size of the upper and or lower lip. It’s quick, simple and results are long lasting and visible immediately.

The treatment for lip augmentation using silicone lip implants is available for both men and women, however it proves to be more popular with women as larger or plumper lips are often seen as a sign of femininity. It is also popular with women aged 40 and above as well as younger women.

Silicone lip implants, such as PermaLip, have been rigourous tested to ensure their safety and reliability, and providing they are inserted under the care of the medical professional who is trained in this form of little dictation, most patients are satisfied with the result of this lip augmentation. The high satisfaction rate is just one of the reasons behind the steep rise in patients seeking permanent lip augmentation treatments over injectable treatments.

One of the main benefits to choosing permanent lip implants made of silicone instead of injectable lip augmentation treatments, which use dermal fillers, is that the results are long lasting. Unlike injectable lip augmentation treatments that required topping up after just 18 months, permanent lip implants can last for many years. Overtime, this means you will inevitably spend less money than you was if you chose dermal fillers and lip injections.

If you would like more information about permanent lip implants, and how they can help change the shape and size of your lips without having to have repeat treatments, please contact a member of the team. There are cosmetic clinics across the country offering permanent implants, including PermaLip, so you can be sure your cosmetic lip enhancement lasts for a long time.