Five reasons to choose lip implants

The best reasons to choose lip implants over lip fillers

If you’re considering undergoing a lip augmentation you may be considering lip fillers or lip implants – maybe even both. There are many reasons why someone may choose to undergo a lip augmentation (or lip job) and depending on your reasons you may find one type of volumising lip treatment better than another.

SurgiSol has put together five reasons why you should consider permanent lip implants instead of injectable lip fillers and dermal filler injections. Whatever you choose to do, be safe and be informed about your lip augmentation options.

  1. Lip implants offer permanent volume

One of the most important reasons to consider permanent lip implants such as PermaLip instead of injectable alternatives is that the implants used offer a long-term result. Once in place, lip implants are part of the structure of the upper and/or lower lip and provide a permanent solution to lost or missing lip volume. Unless you decide you wish to have them removed, the lip implants will happily sit in place for as long as you like.

  1. Silicone implants are tested for safety

Unlike lip fillers which can be dangerous if unregulated, PermaLip implants offer a safer and more reliable methos of volume improvement to the lip. Extensively tested for strength and safety, the PermaLip implants are proven to be strong and versatile, being used and trusted by cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons across the UK in top clinics.

  1. No top up lip augmentation treatments

One of the main benefits to undergoing a permanent lip augmentation using silicone implants is that you will only need to visit your medical professional once. Treatments do not need repeating and the initial cost of the volumising lip implants is nothing comparatively to bi-annual visits to cosmetic clinics to have injectable lip fillers administered. In the long run the upfront cost is minimal in comparison to dermal fillers.

  1. Quick procedure times

Another top draw to undergoing a lip job with permanent implants is how quick the entire procedure is. Once the silicone implant size is chosen (during your consultation with a medical professional) the process of inserting it is very quick. You can expect to be in and out within 45 minutes. Lip fillers can take the same time but require constant top ups to maintain the result, versus a one of treatment session.

  1. Low risk lip augmentation

With just a tiny incision needed when inserting the silicone lip implant, the overall lip augmentation procedure using permanent lip implants is actually very safe. The likelihood of complications is minimal and side effects associated with dermal fillers and lip injections, such as allergic reaction and over-filling, are ultimately reduced to very little. Patients report the results of lip implants like PermaLip to heal quickly and very few side effects are reported, unlike with volumisers and lip fillers.

There are many more reasons to consider permanent lip augmentation instead of injectable volumising treatments. If you’d like to speak to someone about the long term benefits of choosing PermaLip implants for the lips please contact us via email.

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