Using the HEINE Loupes in diagnosis

What can the HEINE Loupes offer practitioners in diagnosis?

The HEINE Loupes we offer at SurgiSol are a reliable and useful addition to practitioners offering accurate diagnosis. The cost effective all purpose products available from the popular medical brand include HEINE HR Binocular Loupes and HEINE HRP Loupes.
Discover more about two of the most popular loupes we offer at SurgiSol now, and why investing in a quality brand will provide you with long term satisfaction when performing diagnosis and treatment.

HEINE HR Binocular Loupes

The HEINE HR Binocular Loupes offer crisp, bright images with colour correction, thanks to the multi-coated achromatic optics, and scratch-resistant silica glass lenses. Allowing practitioners to perform diagnosis and treatments which require a specific eye for detail, the HR Binocular Loupes make an ideal partner for doctors, dentists, surgeons and dermatologists who are keen to offer patients the most accurate treatment and care possible.

With independently adjustable PD controls, the HR Binocular Loupes from

HEINE offer flexibility for precise adjustment. Super lightweight and comfortable, the loupes weigh just 51g (optics) making them one of the most trusted products from SurgiSol.

Ensuring maximum comfort during use, with the i-View mount and S-frame, the malleable temples and nose pad wrap-around precisely to fit the user’s anatomy safely and securely. With a working distance 340mm, 420mm, 520mm too, practitioners can be sure this loupe will make a truly remarkable addition.


As well as the Binocular Loupes from HEINE, at SurgiSol the team recommend the HEINE HRP Loupes. The HRP Technology offers highly-magnified crisp images, thanks to the HRP Optics with i-View.

The HRP Binocular Loupes from HEINE can offer 3.5x, 4.0x or 6.0x magnification and are specifically recommended for intricate, fine surgical procedures. In fact, where high magnification is a must – for example in endodontal, vascular, neuro, and intricate orthopaedic surgery – the HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes offer quality and reliability unlike any other option available in the UK today.

Perfect for experienced users looking for the next step up in loupes, the HRP loupes have been designed to provide the largest field of view and best depth of field possible for each magnification.

Lightweight optics at just 85g and fully water resistant, the Achromatic optics of this product offer crisp, bright images from edge to edge. Mounting options include the HEINE S-FRAME offering comfort with a modern, ergonomic design, and the HEINE Professional L Headband with S-GUARD which is adjustable ensuring it will fit any height and width of head.

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