Silicone lip implants for augmentation

Choosing PermaLip silicone lip implants for augmentation

PermaLip silicone lip implants are designed specifically to offer patients natural-looking lip augmentation results and come in a variety of sizes to enable a more bespoke treatment.

SurgiSol is proud to distribute these silicone lip implants, which are known as PermaLip, and both medical professionals such as plastic surgeons and patients agree that the results attainable using the soft silicone implants are impressive.

Lips are trending in the UK right now, with more women than ever researching lip augmentation treatments. Of course, dermal fillers and lip fillers are a popular form of lip augmentation, but we know all too well that results can be unnatural looking, and there are risks and complications attached to the non-surgical lip augmentation.

For savvy patients looking for a long-term solution to lips which lack natural fullness or definition, PermaLip silicone lip implants can improve the shape and size of the lips permanently. No top up injections, no allergic reactions or swelling – just beautifully natural-looking lips.

Being suitable for both the top and bottom lips, PermaLip silicone lip implants make permanent lip augmentation versatile and reliable. Tested to make sure they are safe and durable these lip implants will not rupture or cause capsular issues.

In the hands of a cosmetic expert, PermaLip implants will subtly improve volume to the lips, which unlike dermal fillers and lip fillers will remain in place for years.

Before permanent lip augmentation using PermaLip silicone lip implants a full consultation is required to ascertain patient suitability. The lips will be assessed, as well the patient’s concerns and goals. Don’t forget – the consultation process is important, as the size of implant will need to be discussed as well as the risks associated with undergoing this type of cosmetic lip augmentation treatment.

It may be that the lip implants are used in combination with a non-surgical treatment for the best results – e.g. with dermal fillers if the shape of the lip line needs addressing – but it is often a fine standalone cosmetic solution.

PermaLip silicone lip implants are placed under the skin of the lips in a short procedure. Local anaesthetic ensures patient comfort, and the medical professional will make a small incision to place the implant before it’s moved into place and the tiny incisions are closed.

The lip augmentation treatment does not take more than 60 minutes, and in some cases, can be much less.

Patients and medical professionals rave about the PermaLip silicone lip implants because they not only look natural, but feel natural too. Once placed below the surface of the skin, the implants feel like existing tissues, and do not affect the way a person speaks post-procedure.

One of the most commonly asked questions is if PermaLip silicone lip implants affect the act of kissing, but patients insist no change in sensation or movement is observed in this respect.

PermaLip silicone lip implants for lip augmentation that lasts

For a long-term solution to lip augmentation, look no further than PermaLip silicone lip implants available from SugiSol. Top up treatments can be expensive and time consuming, but the permanent lip augmentation for the upper and/or lower lips using PermaLip lip implants is a long-term solution.

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