Selecting PermaLip lip implants over lip fillers

Why patients are picking PermaLip lip implants instead of lip fillers

When considering lip augmentation, patients may feel that injectables are the only available option, but PermaLip lip implants can be offered instead of lip fillers for long term and natural-looking results.

PermaLip implants offer a reliable and safe way to a fuller looking pout, and there is no costly upkeep. Unlike lip filler which need to be topped up to maintain the result in the long run, implants such as PermaLip lip implants are a long-term solution to lips lacking natural volume.

New research shows fuller lips are one of the most requested features for women under 34. With so much in the media these days regarding cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments, patients can be forgiven for finding it confusing when choosing a treatment – especially when it comes to the lips.

Thanks to the rise of celebrities, social media, and gossip magazines, patients are inundated daily with images and stories regarding non-surgical lip augmentation. Despite frequent reports of issues surrounding patients undergoing lip augmentation using dermal fillers or volumisers, the trend for boosting the size or altering the shape of the lips sees no sign of stopping.

However, with so many documented risks associated with injectable treatments such as lip fillers, there has been an undeniable rise in the number of women seeking not only a safer and more-reliable option, but also a more permanent solution: PermaLip lip implants.

Unlike dermal fillers and lip filler injections, the PermaLip lip implant is designed to permanently improve the shape and volume of the lips; requiring no top up treatments or repeat procedures.

The implants are available in various sizes, allowing the cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon to offer bespoke and tailored treatment plans to those wishing to improve their natural lip volume or shape.

So what makes PermaLip lip implants different? To start, they are a patented and CE marked device and PermaLip is designed exclusively for the lip. PermaLip lip implants have also undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Made of a soft, solid silicone elastomer using an injection moulding process to produce a naturally contoured implant with a smooth, non-porous surface, the PermaLip lip implants will not rupture or reduce in shape or size, and it can be removed at any time if required.

Designed specifically for the lips, these niche PermaLip lip implants offer a reliable and natural looking results which will last for years to come. No top up injections are necessary thanks to this needleless aesthetic treatment.

Temporary solutions typically involve the use of commercially produced fillers or autologous fat, which can be unpredictable with respect to how long they last, and require repetitive treatments that are painful, repetitive, and costly. PermaLip lip implants remove all of these concerns, simply being placed within the lips for as long as the patient requires.

This long-term solution to thin upper lips or uneven/misshaped lips is available from SurgiSol in the UK. Advanced information can be found on the PermaLip lip implant product page, along with clinical data.

For more information about offering your patients PermaLip lip implants, or further advice on the benefits of implants over injectable fillers, contact the SurgiSol team today.