PermaLip implants for quick lip augmentation

How can PermaLip implants ensure the best quick lip augmentation?

When seeking a quick lip augmentation you would be forgiven for assuming injectables such as dermal fillers, lip fillers and volumiser injections were the only option. But, did you know, there is a silicone lip implant available that can offer the same results but for years not months?

PermaLip lip implants are soft silicone medical devices that can be inserted into the upper or lower lip to create volume. Offering a quick lip augmentation, most procedures using these small implants take less than an hour, and offer results lasting for many years.

Unlike quick lip augmentation treatments with injectables such as dermal fillers, volumiser injections and lip fillers, the silicone lip implants called PermaLip are capable of offering a permanent lip enhancement; patients can now enjoy the benefits of improved lip volume for many years.

PermaLip for quick lip augmentation in clinics

Silicone lip implants such as PermaLip can only be fitted by a medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon. This for of lip enhancement is speedy but still classed as a medical procedure, and must be thought about thoroughly after a consultation with an expert.

This quick lip augmentation can offer amazing natural looking results with minimal downtime. Undertaken in less than an hour, in most cases, once the consultation is performed you’ll agree a lip implants size with your medical professional and undergo a thorough examination to ensure the quick lip augmentation is right for you.

The bespoke implants and lip enhancement treatment will last for many years, or you can choose to enlarge the implants later on if you so desire. Patients are delighted with the boost to volume and enhanced lip shape, although it’s worth pointing out PermaLip implants cannot change, smooth or improve fine lines or wrinkles caused by factors such as ageing.

The good news is, if that is a concern, you can opt to undergo injectable anti ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments in combination with quick lip augmentation using silicone implants (such as PermaLip) should you wish to. Another reason PermaLip is so outstanding – it’s just so versatile!

Before undergoing a quick lip augmentation with PermaLip implants you should follow these simple steps to ensure your lip enhancement procedure goes smoothly:

  1. Book a consultation with a medical professional that offers PermaLip implants; you can find a local practitioner via our website or contact us for further information
  2. Attend a consultation to ascertain whether PermaLip lip implants are suitable for you and your goals; it’s a good idea to attend with questions in mind to help you make up your mind
  3. Trust your medical professional; big lips don’t suit every one. Make sure you listen and take on board your practitioners advice
  4. Take the pre-op advice offered by your medical professional
  5. Be prepared to experience some mild swelling and bruising; don’t worry, this will subside quickly
  6. Consider booking a day off work to recover peacefully
  7. Enjoy your new look – the results will be yours for many years to come. But, if you change your mind, don’t forget they can be removed, or replaced if you’d like to go up or down an implant size.

It’s natural to have questions about a cosmetic treatment like quick lip augmentation. For more information contact SurgiSol by email or on the phone. We will happily answer your questions.