Best lip augmentation treatment

PermaLip for the best lip augmentation treatment

Did you know the best lip augmentation treatment doesn’t have to include unreliable dermal fillers? Thanks to PermaLip implants, you can enjoy long-lasting lip plumping benefits without injectable treatments such as lip fillers.

SurgiSol believes the best lip augmentation treatment should provide you with permanent volumisation without the need for repeat top up treatment twice or sometimes even three times a year.

PermaLip implants, unlike non-surgical lip fillers, are placed under the skin of the top and/or bottom lip to offer natural-looking long-term lip augmentation results.

Why choose PermaLip implants over dermal fillers for lip augmentation?

PermaLip implants are ideal for patients who want something more reliable than injectables. Eliminating the need for injectable treatments altogether, choosing to undergo a permanent augmentation of the lips using these soft silicone implants means you can have the volume always dreamed from just one simple procedure.

Offered by plastic surgeons and cosmetic experts across the UK, the best lip augmentation uses permanent lip implants to boost the natural volume of the lips allowing patients to enjoy a fuller pout without having to undergo numerous and frequent injectable lip filler treatments.

The PermaLip implants are highly regarded by practitioners within the aesthetics industry as being the best available, and the implants themselves have been rigorously tested to ensure durability as well as versatility for patients.

Available in the best cosmetic clinics across the country, the PermaLip permanent implants offer women of all ages a unique and innovative solution to thin lips, or lips that are in need of augmentation to being unsatisfactory in shape.

Are PermaLip implants suitable for your lip augmentation needs?

It’s important to note that whilst these high grade implants can provide the best lip augmentation in the UK, they are not designed to reduce ageing signs (such as lines or wrinkles) above or to the side of the lips, but rather to improve volume. If lines and wrinkles around the mouth are also of concern, and the size of the lip is not the only issue you wish to treat, these innovative lip implants can be used in combination with anti ageing skin rejuvenation treatments.

Booking a consultation with a medical practitioner who offers PermaLip implants for the best lip augmentation treatment is the best way to determine whether this form of treatment, combination treatment, is right for you.

More information about the best lip augmentation treatment in the UK

For more information about the PermaLip silicone lip implants offered by SurgiSol, or if you are a medical practitioner looking to offer permanent lip augmentation to your patients, please contact a member of the team who will be slightly to offer you more information.