The silicone free secret to get fuller lips

Get fuller lips with a silicone lip implant

The secret is out - you can get fuller lips without dermal fillers and lip injections. Instead of choosing lip augmentation treatments that can give unnatural looking results, PermaLip silicone lip implants can improve lip volume permanently.

No top up lip augmentation treatments are needed post procedure, and the result is natural looking volumised lips. PermaLip implants are safe, effective and used by the top plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors across the UK. You don’t need any time off work, there is minimal chance of adverse reaction (unlike with dermal fillers and lip injections) and you can enjoy the results for the long term.

Get fuller lips with PermaLip

You can get fuller lips with silicone implants rather than injectables and dermal fillers. Far from being a fad or the latest cosmetic craze, permanent lip implants have been used in aesthetic practice for many years; PermaLip is the most trusted brand used by medical professional across the UK.

Using these silicone lip implants it’s possible to get fuller lips without repeat treatments being necessary. Patients can be in and out of the clinic within an hour in most cases, and will be able to see and enjoy the results of their lip augmentation immediately.

For patients seeking to get fuller lips without injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and lip injections, silicone lip implants present a quick and long term solution to lips that are lacking in natural volume. They cannot alter the shape of the lips per say, but they can increases the size and projection.

It’s sometimes advised that PermaLip lip implants are used in combination with other lip augmentation treatments in order to improve ageing signs around the mouth and lips, such as smokers lines. In this case cosmetic anti ageing treatments such as skin rejuvenation procedures can be provided alongside silicone lip implants.

Lip augmentation treatments should be tailored to suit the patient’s bespoke needs, and as such a consultation is required in order to ascertain suitability as well as how best the utilise the implants to get the best result.

The array of benefits to choosing permanent lip implants in order to get fuller lips include:

  • Long term lip augmentation results
  • Natural looking fuller lips
  • Volume improvement
  • quick treatment times
  • Safe long term use
  • Can be used as part of a wider treatment plan
  • No top up treatments required
  • Medical professionals across the UK offering PermaLip
  • Can be used on the upper and/or lower lip
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for use with other lip augmentation treatments where necessary

Find out more about PermaLip and get fuller lips

You can find out more information about silicone lip implants or how to get fuller lips using injectable alternatives by contacting the SurgiSol team today. We are happy to discuss the device and its uses further, or help you find a local medical professional offering this kind of lip augmentation treatment.


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