Picking lip implants over lip fillers

Should you pick lip implants over lip fillers?

When patients are considering lip augmentation it’s important to advocate the research of all available options thoroughly, which may include lip implants and injectable lip fillers. Both forms of cosmetic treatment are designed to improve the shape and volume of the area, however they work in very different ways and offer results which differ in longevity.

More commonly referred to as ‘having the lips done’ or a ‘lip job’ within the media, lip augmentation has become one of the most popular and sought-after forms of cosmetic treatment across the UK in areas such as London, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex, and Cheshire.

But what makes these two lip augmentations different and which one is more likely to be beneficial to patients seeking a natural-looking lip job? We’ve compiled three considerations for patients choosing which lip plumping procedure may be more beneficial.

Administering the lip augmentation treatment

The first main difference between lip implants such as PermaLip implants and dermal filler volumising treatment is, of course, the way in which they are administered. Whilst non-surgical lip augmentation using dermal filler or volumisers is injectable in nature – involving a substance (usually HA acid) being injected carefully into the lips – lip implants are delicately placed under the skin of the lip/s via a small incision.

Unlike fillers for the lips, which are sometimes given without any thought for the overall facial contours, lip implant treatment is tailored specifically to the needs and goals of the patient; there shouldn’t be a one size fits all when it comes to safe lip augmentation after all.

Longevity of lip implants

Whilst in many cases lips fillers can offer an instantaneous volumising affect to the lip area, the results using injectables such as dermal fillers are not permanent and patients do require top up of treatments to maintain the result. This can be every 9-18 months, which over the course of a lifetime can not only be time consuming, but also potentially much more expensive in the long run.

Contrastingly, patients choosing lip implants will undergo lip augmentation using permanent small and slimline implants – such as PermaLip – and can therefore expect long-term results which should not require any further top up treatments.

Patient satisfaction

One of the main benefits of choosing lip implants over injectable alternatives, aside from their longevity, is long-term patient satisfaction. Cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons who offer this form of lip augmentation find their patients report high satisfaction rates post procedure, and choose to keep the implants for many years. Lips are left looking smooth and refined, with (most importantly) a natural-looking end result.

Also unlike lip fillers which can provide unpredictably uneven, lumpy or unsatisfactory results, lip implants can be immediately removed if the patient does not like the result. Complication rates and side-effects are minimal when using lip implants such as PermaLip comparatively to those often encountered when choosing to dermal fillers for lip augmentation procedures.

For more information on the benefits of lip augmentation treatment using PermaLip implants please call or email the SurgiSol team who will be delighted to advise you about the popular cosmetic treatment or local cosmetic experts offering it.