Plumping the lips with a permanent lip augmentation

Seeking a permanent lip augmentation for bigger lips

There are many reasons for someone to wish to improve their lip volume, but no solution can offer a permanent lip augmentation quite like PermaLip silicone implants.

Designed to be placed under the lips in a quick procedure available at cosmetic clinics across the UK, PermaLip silicone implants are perfect for permanent lip augmentation treatments because they can transform the volume of the lips without looking unnatural.

A permanent lip augmentation is simply not possible with dermal fillers or lip injections. Far too often women undergo non surgical lip augmentation treatments using injectable fillers but find they either dislike the results or become irritated by having to have top-up treatments every 9-12 months.

The beauty of permanent lip augmentation with silicone lip implants such as PermaLip is that the one off minimally invasive treatment can offer long term results that require no upkeep or further cosmetic procedures. The one off cost, when spread over 5-10 years, is much less than what bi annual trips to the aesthetics clinic will end up costing. In time, this makes PermaLip the most cost effect permanent lip augmentation available.

PermaLip silicone implants are placed under the skin during simple and quick treatment performed by a medical professional in a clinic setting. Due to small incisions being needed to insert the lip implant/s, it’s classed as minimally invasive, but the procedure itself isn’t painful due to anaesthetic.

Patients can often be out in under an hour once the consultation and prep processes have been completed; permanent lip augmentation in your lunch hour is now a reality.

There are many reasons to switching from dermal fillers ad lip injections to permanent lip augmentation. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Quick treatment times
  • Safe permanent lip augmentation
  • Natural looking results
  • Long lasting permanent lip augmentation
  • Regulated and highly tested products
  • Only performed by skilled medical professionals
  • No top up treatments
  • Natural feeling lips
  • Cost effective permanent lip augmentation
  • Minimal bruising and downtime

There are numerous celebrities that have undergone dermal filler treatment for thin lips, or lip that need volume to look more feminine. This has in turn driven the market to produce better and more inclusive methods of lip enhancement. We’ve seen all too often the results of poor celebrity lip fillers, but now there’s an alternative that can actually enhance the lips without looking unnatural.

Thanks to PermaLip implants permanent lip augmentation is now a reliable and cost-effective method of improving volume-lacking lips. Many patients are switching from lip fillers and dermal fillers in light of this newer and better medical alternative.

Get the permanent lip augmentation you’ve always dreamed of

If you’d like to discover more about permanent lip enhancement using soft silicone lip implants please contact us today. We can help with in depth information regarding this type of lip enhancement and also find a local provider of PermaLip if you require.



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