Quick lip enhancement

Try a quick lip enhancement with implants

It’s never been more fashionable to have plump pout, but if you are not blessed with naturally full lips and wish to undergo a quick lip enhancement choosing specifically designed silicone implants is an ideal method of boosting their size.

Silicone lip implants are designed to be used during a quick lip enhancement to alter the size of the upper and/or lower lip, and can be used both as a standalone option or as part of a combination of treatments. Other treatments often combined with silicone lip implants include dermal fillers and lip fillers.

There are various forms of implants available in the UK, but non-rival the safety and reliability of PermaLip. Trusted by top plastic surgeons and medical professional throughout the UK, PermaLip are made of soft silicone and sit below the surface to improve the size of the lips. Quick lip enhancement using silicone implants can take under an hour, once a full consultation has been completed to ensure suitability.

As part of a quick lip enhancement, these silicone lip implants are placed through small incisions at the corner of the mouth, and the procedure does not require an overnight stay in hospital. Patients are free to leave in the clinic or hospital once the incisions have been enclosed, and your medical professional is happy with the position of the implants.

The reason PermaLip implants are suitable for quick lip enhancement treatments is simply that they are a reliable and safe method of boosting the size of the lips. Minimally invasive, this form of lip augmentation is Quick to perform in the hands of professional and the results are long-lasting meaning you do not need to attend for top-up treatments

Many patients are happy with the results of their lip augmentation simply using the silicone implants, however others choose to use dermal fillers or lip volumising injections as well. Injectable lip enhancement treatments are more suitable if you wish to change the shape of the lip or you are concerned about ageing around the area. For example, lines and wrinkles around the mouth cannot be improved with silicone lip implants, however dermal fillers can provide an excellent result.

Undergoing a quick lip augmentation

If you wish to undergo a quick lip enhancement treatment using silicone implants such as PermaLip you will need to book a consultation with the medical professional who is trying to deliver this form of cosmetic treatment. Whilst it is not considered an entirely invasive treatment per say, it is still a medical procedure and you must only undergo a quick lip augmentation using PermaLip implants with someone who truly understands the nature of the product.

If you would like more information about how the lip augmentation procedure using lip implants works, all you wish to find a local medical professional or plastic surgeon offering this form of cosmetic treatment please contact us today. You can find our email and phone information via the contact us page using a navigation bar above.