Benefits of swapping to permanent lip implants

Why are permanent lip implants the next generation in lip augmentation?

More recently we’ve seen a wave of people swapping fillers for permanent lip implants. The reason? Silicone implants are the next generation in lip augmentation.

There’s recently been great interest in permanent lip implants. They offer reliable, safe and long term augmentation for women that want fuller lips without repeat treatments.

A safe alternative to lip fillers

PermaLip permanent lip implants are designed to be used both instead of or as well as lip filler treatments. Previously it’s been thought that only dermal fillers could provide volume to the delicate lip area, but the results from silicone implants are undeniably fantastic.

A versatile alternative to lip fillers

PermaLip implants specifically are made to fit any shape or size of lips; they can also be used on the lower lip as well as the upper lip. They are soft to the touch and feel natural within the confines of the lips.

A natural looking alternattive to lip fillers

They also look entirely natural, meaning you can enjoy a subtle lip augmentation without the concerns associated with overuse or overfilling of acid fillers. Aesthetically no one has to know you’ve undergone cosmetic lip augmentation, because the results can be as subtle as you wish.

How are PermaLip implants used?

A cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon will have a consultation with you, and ascertain suitability. First and foremost it’s important you make sure this is a viable aesthetic treatment for you.

If you’re deemed a candidate for permanent lip implants a small incision is made in the corner of the lip. The silicone implant is just delicately placed under the lip (top, bottom or both) and the incision is closed.

Is this kind of permanent lip implant treatment safe?

Yes, it’s also more comfortable than some alternatives. Thanks to anaesthetic you’ll feel nothing, and aside from some mild bruising or swelling in the days afterwards, you’ll have next to no downtime. You can return to work immediately.

Who are permanent lip implants suitable for?

Anyone that wants to enhance the natural volume of the lips, but isn’t keen on using lip fillers to get the result. Fillers and volumising injections have their place, but some people don’t like the idea of acid injections; for others they want long term results.

Dermal fillers and lip injectables cannot give the same long term satisfaction that lip implants like PermaLip can. It’s that simple!

Get the look

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of choosing permanent lip implants over injectable alternatives please contact the team. We are happy to talk you through the treatment process and how you can find a highly skilled medical professional that will be delighted to offer you PermaLip treatments.

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