Using the HEINE binocular loupes

Investing in HEINE binocular loupes for diagnosis and treatment 

When it comes to diagnosis and intricate local treatments, the HEINE binocular loupes can make a real difference to the level of detail and care you can offer your patients.

Available from SurgiSol, the binocular loupes with LED headlight not only help to make accurate diagnosis and perform delicate treatment, but also reduced the risks and damages from unnecessary exposure of UV light.

Treating your patients effectively means you need equipment you can rely on. As well as being durable and long-lasting, it’s important to select products from a market-leading brand, meaning you can be sure you’re getting the best quality and craftsmanship. The HEINE brand is widely regarded as offering some of the most forward-thinking and useful tools to enable you to treat patients with ease.

Using HEINE binocular loupes in your practice or clinic

It’s understandable you want to offer your patients the very best advice and care, both during consultation and diagnosis and when performing the selected treatment itself. Illuminating and magnifying the area of interest is an important part of the initial process when treating a patient.

Quality and product reliability are important elements to choosing the devices you’ll need in order to offer a high quality service to your clients. The HEINE range of products available from SurgiSol, including the HEINE binocular loupes, are of the highest quality and come with a range of additions and customisations to allow you to tailor the products to your individual requirements.

Performing delicate surgical procedures, or skin treatments that require the most minute details to be illuminated and magnified, requires products which offer a gold standard of reliability and clarity.

The HEINE binocular loupes are highly regarded by some of the industry’s most elite surgeons and doctors for the improved level of detail they provide during consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

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As well as binocular loupes we also offer the LED LoupeLight. Featuring LED HQ illumination for homogeneous illumination with accurate colour rendering that fills the entire field of view from edge-to-edge, the LED LoupeLight is the perfect complement to the 2.5x and 3.5x magnification.

For more information on the specifications of HEINE binocular loupes, or the benefits of utilising HEINE products within your clinic or practice, please contact the SurgiSol team directly via be contact us page. We would be delighted to talk you through the innovative range of products we have available, as well as offer a one to one demonstration.