Quick lip augmentation with PermaLip

Undergoing a quick lip augmentation with PermaLip

You may have been led to believe that the only quick lip augmentation is with dermal fillers and lip volumiser injections, but in actual fact the PermaLip implant can be inserted in well under 30 minutes.

The quest for a quick lip augmentation is something we’ve seen growing year-on-year and with so many speedy options available it’s easy to see why this form of cosmetic treatment has become unbelievably popular.

However, just because the results are quick does not mean you should undergo lip augmentation with dermal fillers or volumiser injections, especially if you want a plumper pout and fuller lips that last a lifetime.

For women seeking a long-term solution to fuller lips, PermaLip implants can be inserted as part of a quick lip augmentation and can have results that last for years to come rather than months.

In just one short treatment, the PermaLip permanent lip implant can boost the volume of the lips and offer natural looking, and long lasting results, which dermal lip fillers and volumiser injections simply cannot provide.

As part of the quick lip augmentation using lip implants, a small but robust silicone implant is inserted via small incisions made at the corner of the mouth. A numbing anaesthetic is provided to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout and aside from the slight ‘tugging’ feeling (as the implant is moved and placed correctly within the lip) patient should not feel any pain or discomfort.

As well as providing a long-term solution to lips that are lacking natural volume, PermaLip implants can provide a fuller looking pout and increased volumisation to one or both lips. Helping to give a more feminine appearance to the mouth, the use of silicone implants as part of a quick lip augmentation is now widely regarded as a solution for women seeking fuller lips without dermal filler injections.

Unlike lip augmentation treatments which rely on injectable substances to create volume, a lip implant is specifically designed to offer volumising affects to this delicate area without acids.

It’s imperative that natural looking results are obtained during a quick lip augmentation, and thanks to the varying size of implants available under the permanent PermaLip brand patients are able to tailor the results to suit their existing facial aesthetic.

Because we know that versatility is important, silicone implant for the lips can also be used alongside other cosmetic treatments designed to give a fuller appearance to the lips. For example, the dermal filler injections and volumiser injections can be used alongside a permanent lip implant if the upper lip line requires defining or shaping.

Whilst silicone implants can undoubtedly provide volume, they cannot reshape the lip line but nonsurgical treatments can be combined in order to make this happen.

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For further information or specific details about the benefits of choosing permanent lip implants over injectable treatments, please contact the SurgiSol team who will be glad to assist you and direct you towards your nearest cosmetic clinic offering quick lip augmentation with PermaLip.