Swap injectable lip fillers for silicone lip implants

Choosing the best silicone lip implants for long term lip augmentation

For those considering an alternative to dermal filler injections, silicone lip implants can offer a long term surgical lip enhancement without the need for repeat treatments and scaling costs.

PermaLip silicone lip implants are designed to be comfortable and safe, helping to boost the size and volume of the lips without appearing fake or oversized.

Increasingly popular with women looking to get bigger lips without injectables such as dermal fillers and volumisers, silicone lip implants allow patients to enjoy natural looking full lips for many years.

Inserted under the skin of the lips, these soft silicone implants sit delicately under the lip skin, providing volume to the upper or lower lip. They’re popular because they can create volume that is both natural-looking and reliable; they will not rupture or leak thanks to their unique strong design.

Full lips are widely considered a sign of aesthetic beauty, and in recent years a surge in women seeking lip augmentation treatments has been reported. With this upturn in demand we’ve also seen a rise in reported cases of botched lip fillers, leaving many looking for an alternative that is both long term and less likely to cause complications.

PermaLip represents the very best in surgical lip enhancement thanks to its unique offerings for patients. This is the surgeon’s choice when it comes to lip augmentation; it’s offered in clinics up and down the country as the gold standard in permanent lip enhancement.

Benefits of choosing PermaLip silicone lip implants for surgical lip enhancement include:

  • long lasting results
  • versatile and individualised treatment
  • different sizes of implant available
  • minimal risks
  • no repeat treatments needed
  • long term cost much less than dermal fillers and volumising injections

Permanent lip enhancement is a recognised cosmetic procedure designed to boost the volume of the lips as well as a patient’s self esteem. Taking the time to assess the pros and cons, as with all aesthetic treatments, is the key to a successful and enjoyed cosmetic result.

Making sure the patient is suitable prior to treatment is vital, and a comprehensive consultation with a medical professional is advised. This offers a one on one appointment where patients can find out more information about lip augmentation treatments – including implants – as well as how best to prepare for treatment and maintain the results.

More information about surgical lip enhancement

If you are considering surgical lip enhancement and would like more information about silicone lip implants to boost the size of your lips please contact the team.

PermaLip implants are available in cosmetic clinics across the UK including cities such as London, Manchester, Hertfordshire, the Midlands and Wales.