Opticlar TTL – Easi-Loupes

£599.00 ex VAT

Easi-Loupes are available with a standard declination angle suitable for Dentistry, General Surgery, Ophthalmology and other disciplines where the patient is at a lower level than the examiner.

Total weight of only circa 68g without light and 98g with loupe light.

Available in either 2.5x or 3.0x magnification.

Through-The-Lens (TTL) Loupes that uniquely accommodate differences with pupillary distances.

Follow these 4 Easi steps:

1.Choose your working distance from 340, 420, 460 and 500mm.

2.Ask a colleague to measure your PD (distance between the centre of your pupils). If not start with a 61mm PD.

3.Try the loupes and check for a single image, if double try an alternative PD.

4.Add Loupe Light if required. TTL Loupes have a dedicated lightweight LED light that weighs only circa 30g.


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