Quick lip augmentation in the UK

Choosing quick lip augmentation in the UK

Are you looking for a non-injectable way to undergo a quick lip augmentation, that offers impressive results without requiring bi-annual top up treatments? Dermal fillers and lip fillers can create great results, but PermaLip permanent lip implants are a long term solution to lip lacking in natural volume.

Used as a solo quick lip augmentation or as part of a lip rejuvenation procedure with injectable such as dermal fillers and lip fillers, permanent lip implants have become one of the most popular ways to boost the shape and size of the upper and lower lips.

As part of the procedure for quick lip augmentation treatment, soft silicone implants are inserted into the upper or lower lip; in some cases patients may choose to have both lips enhanced. The procedure itself with PermaLip implants is straight forward and offers impressive and reliable results. Patients can be in and our of the clinic within an hour in most cases, making it just as speedy a lip augmentation treatment as injectable alternatives.

Unlike dermal fillers and lip fillers which can create unnatural-looking results, the major benefit to choosing quick lip augmentation with permanent lip implants is that the results are smooth and natural-looking. Patients are always delighted with how their lips look and feel post-procedure, and unlike injectable lip enhancement treatments, the results are long lasting.

Choosing quick lip augmentation with permanent lip implants

Choosing a quick lip augmentation with PermaLip permanent lip implants ensure you’ll have a fuller pout without requiring top up treatments; it’s a long lasting procedure and the results will last as long as the implants remain in the lips. It’s minimally invasive – requiring a small incision – but most patients agree this is more than worth the increased lip fullness.

Popular with women lacking natural volume, and patients who may have lost volume and fullness due to the ageing process, quick lip augmentation is reliable and safe. The popularity of this type of lip enhancement continues to grow thanks to the impressive and versatile results.

Benefits of quick lip augmentation include:

  • Long lasting fullness to the lips
  • Versatility; upper and lower lips can be treated
  • Natural looking results
  • No need for regular top up treatments with dermal fillers or lip fillers
  • Quick procedure times using permanent lip implants
  • Reliable and safe silicone implants; PermaLip is an industry leading brand
  • Tried and tested procedure
  • Long term patient satisfaction
  • Return on investment; no top up dermal fillers or lip filler needed so cost over a lifetime is greatly reduced comparatively

Getting more information about quick lip augmentation

If you would like to discover more quick lip augmentation using PermaLip permanent lip implants please contact us on email or phone. We can recommend a UK cosmetic clinic closest to you offering this form of lip enhancement procedure, or discuss lip augmentation with permanent lip implants in detail with you.

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