Choosing specialised lip augmentation with implants

PermaLip implants for lip augmentation

A soft implant designed to be inserted within the top or lower lip, PermaLip implants are often used as part of surgical lip augmentation in the UK. Unlike dermal fillers or lip fillers, this type of lip augmentation is permanent and offers long-term volumisation to the lips.

It’s well-documented ageing phenomena that the lips lose volume and get smaller as we get older, and it is usually the top lip which suffers more than the lower lip. As part of a lip augmention, the silicone implants provide a natural looking and rejuvenating volume boost to ageing lips.

Providing an immediate lip augmentation in the UK, the implants are available in several thicknesses to alter the projection, shape and/or size of the patient’s lips as part of straightforward minor surgical procedure.

Placing the PermaLip implants involves a very small incision in each corner of the mouth, after a full consultation beforehand. The implant is then carefully moved into place, and the practitioner checks to make sure it’s in the correct position before closing the incisions.

This form of lip augmentation can be done under local anaesthetic and the main advantage of the silicone implants is that if, for any reason, the patient does not like the results of the lip augmentation using PermaLip implants they can be easily removed.

The biggest advantage of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK over dermal fillers is that this procedure is permanent, and offers a long-term solution to lips that require volumisation or reshaping.

Satisfaction rates on the whole for these lip implants are high; largely because it eliminates the need for the patient to frequently return to the clinic for lip filler top up treatments. Not only can top up treatments with dermal filler in the lips be painful and time-consuming, it can also be an expensive repeat treatment for patients who decide they enjoy the fuller-lipped look.

One of the benefits of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK is that they allow the patient to change the size of the implant as they so wish, or indeed have them removed if they no longer wish to benefit from the volumising effect of the implants.

Replacing a larger implant with a smaller implant can result in some movement, so if you wanted to go down in size you would need the larger implant removed then let the lip tissues heal before starting the process of introducing a smaller implant via a new incision once the lip is healed a month or so later.

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PermaLip implants for quick lip augmentation

How can PermaLip implants ensure the best quick lip augmentation?

When seeking a quick lip augmentation you would be forgiven for assuming injectables such as dermal fillers, lip fillers and volumiser injections were the only option. But, did you know, there is a silicone lip implant available that can offer the same results but for years not months?

PermaLip lip implants are soft silicone medical devices that can be inserted into the upper or lower lip to create volume. Offering a quick lip augmentation, most procedures using these small implants take less than an hour, and offer results lasting for many years.

Unlike quick lip augmentation treatments with injectables such as dermal fillers, volumiser injections and lip fillers, the silicone lip implants called PermaLip are capable of offering a permanent lip enhancement; patients can now enjoy the benefits of improved lip volume for many years.

PermaLip for quick lip augmentation in clinics

Silicone lip implants such as PermaLip can only be fitted by a medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon. This for of lip enhancement is speedy but still classed as a medical procedure, and must be thought about thoroughly after a consultation with an expert.

This quick lip augmentation can offer amazing natural looking results with minimal downtime. Undertaken in less than an hour, in most cases, once the consultation is performed you’ll agree a lip implants size with your medical professional and undergo a thorough examination to ensure the quick lip augmentation is right for you.

The bespoke implants and lip enhancement treatment will last for many years, or you can choose to enlarge the implants later on if you so desire. Patients are delighted with the boost to volume and enhanced lip shape, although it’s worth pointing out PermaLip implants cannot change, smooth or improve fine lines or wrinkles caused by factors such as ageing.

The good news is, if that is a concern, you can opt to undergo injectable anti ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments in combination with quick lip augmentation using silicone implants (such as PermaLip) should you wish to. Another reason PermaLip is so outstanding – it’s just so versatile!

Before undergoing a quick lip augmentation with PermaLip implants you should follow these simple steps to ensure your lip enhancement procedure goes smoothly:

  1. Book a consultation with a medical professional that offers PermaLip implants; you can find a local practitioner via our website or contact us for further information
  2. Attend a consultation to ascertain whether PermaLip lip implants are suitable for you and your goals; it’s a good idea to attend with questions in mind to help you make up your mind
  3. Trust your medical professional; big lips don’t suit every one. Make sure you listen and take on board your practitioners advice
  4. Take the pre-op advice offered by your medical professional
  5. Be prepared to experience some mild swelling and bruising; don’t worry, this will subside quickly
  6. Consider booking a day off work to recover peacefully
  7. Enjoy your new look – the results will be yours for many years to come. But, if you change your mind, don’t forget they can be removed, or replaced if you’d like to go up or down an implant size.

It’s natural to have questions about a cosmetic treatment like quick lip augmentation. For more information contact SurgiSol by email or on the phone. We will happily answer your questions.

Learning about Lip Implants

Learning the basics about Lip Implants

Lip enhancement has become incredibly popular in the past ten years, and lip implants are one of the most sought after treatments. Whether you are looking for very full lips or just seeking to restore lost volume there is a solution for you.

There are now more options for lip enhancement than ever before – from lip fillers to permanent implants, such as PermaLip. The background and training of doctors performing lip enhancement is critical. It is crucial for your doctor to understand facial proportions and harmony to ensure that you get great results.

If you are a looking for a more permanent solution to fuller lips, lip implants may be the right solution for you. Some of the best plastic surgeons in the UK use PermaLip implants.

The PermaLip comes in a variety of different sizes and widths, so a doctor can pick the right size for each individual patient, giving a custom result. The implant is made of soft, solid silicone, so it can’t rupture or deflate and can be removed at any time.

Your medical professional with insert lip implants with local numbing medication. They will make several small incisions inside the corners of the mouth, which are hidden inside the mouth and then closed with dissolvable sutures.

It is recommended that patients opt for injectable fillers instead of a permanent lip implants if they wish to improve the look of smokers lines or fine lines, because those concerns cannot be solved with lip implants.

Adding fullness to lips also has a positive effect on surrounding facial tissue, and the overall facial appearance can be enhanced. Even a small lip volume enhancement can boost your self-confidence and improve your relationship with the mirror.

The PermaLip silicone implant option is great for patients who desire a long-term option and are seeking a lip augmentation that lasts for many years. To find out more about this long term solution to lip augmentation, please contact a member of the SuriSol team. We can help guide you as to whether this form of cosmetic lip enhancement is suitable for you, and help you find a medical professional.

Volumise the lips with permanent lip implants

Improve the appearance of thin lips with permanent lip implants

For lips that lack natural volume, or appear thinner than you would like, permanent lip implants can provide a natural looking solution.

Available in cosmetic clinics across the UK, and popular with women across the world, permanent lip implants such as PermaLip offer a minimally invasive option for those that do not want, or are not satisfied with, dermal fillers and lip injections.

The benefits of choosing permanent lip implants such as PermaLip over dermal fillers and lip injections are vast, and most patients that opt for the silicone lip implants are satisfied with the results.

Available in different sizes – making the lip augmentation procedure a more tailored and indivualised approach – the PermaLip permanent lip implants will transform the way your lips look.

Permanent lip implants over injectable treatments

Improving lip volume without the need for dermal fillers or lip injections, permanent lip implants are made of soft silicone and can easily be inserted during a quick procedure in a cosmetic clinic.

Plastic surgeons and some cosmetic doctors offer this innovate alternative to non-surgical lip augmentation treatments, and are proving more popular than ever as the results are long lasting.

The biggest benefit to undergoing permanent lip implants over dermal fillers and lip injections, such as volumisers, is that the results are long lasting – the same cannot be said for injectable lip augmentation treatments.

Rather than having to under repeat (and expensive) dermal filler treatments or injectable lip fillers, the PermaLip implants last for many years. There’s no top up treatments, no repeat visits to expensive clinics, and no risk of over filling.

Natural results and a balanced, beautiful aesthetic makes permanent lip implants the best option for patients looking to boost their lip volume and enlarge thin lips without having to keep paying for more treatments. It’s one cost and the results last for years; you’ll enjoy fuller, more plump lips without more treatments looming over you.

PermaLip implants are ideal for enlarging the lips – upper or lower – but they cannot fill or smooth lines around the mouth, such as smoker’s lines. The advice from medical professionals in this instance would be to combine lip implants with some dermal fillers to improve the overall aesthetic in terms of anti ageing.

Consultation for permanent lip implants

A full consultation prior to the insertion of permanent lip implants means you can be sure you’re in the safest hands. You can find a list of local medical practitioners to you on the website.

Your medical professional will discuss your lip augmentation options, and whether you require the PermaLip implants as a standalone treatment – or as part of a combination treatment with dermal fillers and lip injections. This is something to think about, and you may be asked to go home and consider your decision prior to any treatments taking place.

During the lip augmentation procedure, the silicone lip implants are inserted; it’s not painful thanks to local anaesthetic and takes less than an hour.

A full consultation prior to the insertion of permanent lip implants means you can be sure you’re in the safest hands, and we highly recommend doing some research on who you trust with your treatments.

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PermaLip implants for safe lip augmentation

Safe lip augmentation with PermaLip implants

PermaLip implants are very soft silicone implants which can be inserted into either the top lip or the lower lip as part of a safe lip augmentation procedure.

Given that they are very soft they blend in with the consistency of the lip and provide an instant enlargement. The implants come in various thicknesses and sizes to accommodate the shape and size of the individual’s lips and are very straightforward to insert as part of a safe lip augmentation.

Why choose PermaLip implants for a safe lip augmentation?

The silicone lip implants are not like silicone breast implants, because the lips are moving all the time you do not get chance for a capsular to form around to lip. Because of this, the PermaLip implants are likely to last for a long period of time, and unless the individual requests to have them removed they will provide years of service with minimal upkeep.

Not only offering long lasting results and a safe way to volumise the lips, undergoing a lip augmentation with silicone implants such as PermaLip implants is less costly than repeat lip filler treatments every 12 to 18 months.

The one-off nature of the implant form of augmentation means the long-term cost of lip volumisation will be much less comparatively to fillers. It is however a versatile form of lip augmentation so can be used in combination with other lip augmentation treatments to provide a well-rounded result.

Another benefit of lip implants over injectable treatments, is the aesthetic result. Implants provide a subtle looking volumised result and, thanks to the soft silicone shell of the PermaLip implants, you can be sure of a beautiful result that looks and feels natural.

The only thing that the silicone implants cannot do is improve the lip line, for patients who feel an improvement could be made to the lip line PermaLip implants can be combined with dermal fillers for a more specific, tailored result.

As well as a natural looking result, patients always comment on how natural lips feel, and when it comes to things like kissing the lips rarely feel any different to that of someone who does not have the PermaLip implants.

PermaLip implants are ideal for all ages and it is not just younger women seeking safe lip augmentation for full lips as modelled on their celebrity idols. For example, the silicone implants are perfect for women who are unhappy with the appearance of the lips due to the ageing process.

The innovate lip implants do not affect the way a patient eats or drinks, although patients may experience some swelling, mild bruising or dull pain in the days post treatment. This can be managed with mild pain relief and should subside within a few hours. The swelling will subside within a few days, although some patients don’t experience any.

For more information on PermaLip implants or to find your nearest clinic offering the silicone implants, contact SurgiSol via the contact us pages.


PermaLip implants for lip augmentation

Long term lip augmentation with PermaLip implants 

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments of the here and now is undoubtedly the lip augmentation. It’s consistently covered in lifestyle and beauty magazines, and lip augmentation treatments have continued to rise in popularity over the last five years.

With female celebrities seemingly all flocking to cosmetic clinics across the UK in search of the perfect pout, it stands to reason that lip augmentation has become the go-to cosmetic treatment for women of all ages.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and as lip augmentation continues to be the beauty choice ‘de jour’ we are starting to see what happens when injectable lip augmentations don’t go to plan.

Unlike implants, such as PermaLip, fillers can be problematic and cause reactions in some patients. There is also much publicity surrounding the misuse of lip fillers, which can leave patients looking unnatural and unhappy.

For many potential patients, the idea of undergoing multiple injectable treatments using fillers in order to maintain lips to be proud of is becoming less and less attractive, and so the rise in permanent lip augmentation is now proudly coming to the forefront of the British aesthetics industry.

PermaLip implants for permanent lip augmentation

For those who do not wish to undergo risky injectable lip fillers, or for patients who wish to have a permanent long-term solution, the PermaLip implants could provide the perfect result.

PermaLip is a silicone implant which has been approved for the use in permanent augmentation procedures. The implant, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, is inserted into the lips virus more incision made by a cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon.

Whilst a minor procedure it is still classed as a medical treatment and therefore should only be undertaken by those trained in this advanced technique.

Once placed under the tissue of the lips, the PermaLip implant is long lasting, unless the patient wishes to have it removed or replaced with a different shape or size. The volume of the lips can be improved or the shape of the lip may be altered using these implants, and both the top and bottom lip can be augmented using the silicone implants if the patient wishes.

This represents a breakthrough in lip augmentation treatments as patients no longer have to revisit the clinic over and over again for top up treatment in order to maintain the result.

As with any minor surgical procedure, there are always risks and complications associated with such a treatment, however the risks are very slight and complications low thanks to the tiny incision required. PermaLip implants have been widely tested and is recognised as a safe and strong product which is ideal for reshaping the lips and improving the volume.

More information on PermaLip

PermaLip implants are available in clinics across the U.K. and can be purchased by practitioners from SurgiSol.

Contact be team for more information or to request a meeting with a member of the team.


Get bigger lips without dermal fillers

How to improve lip size without dermal fillers

When it comes to how to improve lip size without having to undergo treatment with dermal fillers you may be forgiven for thinking the options are limited, however thanks to permanent implants you can have all of the benefits offered by dermal fillers but on a permanent basis.

Getting bigger lips without dermal fillers has never been easier thanks to the long-term benefits of choosing lip implants made of silicone over injectable treatments. It’s possible to improve lip size and volume using these small soft implants which are placed under the skin of the upper or lower lip to change the shape.

It was recently noted in the national media that lip augmentation treatments have never been more popular, with women especially flocking to cosmetic clinics across the UK hoping to get bigger lips. However, with so many horror stories emerging about overuse of dermal fillers, combined with the fact that they only last for a limited period of time, many patients are now seeking a more permanent and safe way to get bigger lips and improve lip size without dermal fillers.

PermaLip implants can be used as part of a reliable form of permanent lip augmentation, and have been designed specifically to mirror the natural look and feel of the lips. You can be sure by choosing these permanent lip implants you can improve the lips size without compromising the natural aesthetic of the lip.

The process of inserting lip implants is much more simple than you may imagine, with a small incision being the only requirement for placing the implant below the surface of the skin. With minimal bruising and limited swelling expected, you are free to leave the clinic post-treatment and will be able to see the results of the permanent lip augmentation once any swelling or bruising has subsided, which usually doesn’t take more than a few days.

One of the main benefits to undergoing permanent implants to improve lip size is that unlike demo fillers he will not need to have repeat treatments. In fact the only reason you may wish to revisit your cosmetic practitioner or medical professional, is to reduce or upscale the implants you have. In most cases the implants have a long lifespan and over the years, when compare to the cost of annual lip filler treatments, represent a more cost-effective form of lip augmentation.

As well as the long-term benefits of undergoing permanent lip augmentation using silicone implants, patients are no longer at risk from uneven and unnatural looking results, which may come from dermal filler overuse. When used by trained professional dermal fillers can provide excellent volumisation to the lip area, however, with overuse the results can start to look unnatural. As well as this the lip can begin to feel unnatural to. With permanent lip implants such as PermaLip, this is no longer a concern.

Lip implants for thin lips

Choosing lip implants to improve the appearance of thin lips

For people concerned with unnaturally thin lips it may be the first port of call to consider a cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or lip fillers, however lip implants can provide a long-lasting solution to lips that lack volume.

Some people are blessed with naturally fall and plump lips, however it is a come on complaint, especially amongst women, for the upper lip to appear lacking in volume or feminine shape. While dermal fillers can of course be used to improve volume and are actually the best form of cosmetic treatment if you wish to fill lip lines, it is actually lip implants that can offer the most effective solution to thin lips.

Thin lips can be a result of the ageing process, where we lose collagen and skin strength after years passed by, but equally many people are born with naturally thin lips. In some cases one lip may perhaps be slightly bigger than the other resulting in the person feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their mouth on the whole.

Lip implants are specifically designed to be placed under the skin of the lip to provide a natural boost to the shape and size of the upper and or lower lip. It’s quick, simple and results are long lasting and visible immediately.

The treatment for lip augmentation using silicone lip implants is available for both men and women, however it proves to be more popular with women as larger or plumper lips are often seen as a sign of femininity. It is also popular with women aged 40 and above as well as younger women.

Silicone lip implants, such as PermaLip, have been rigourous tested to ensure their safety and reliability, and providing they are inserted under the care of the medical professional who is trained in this form of little dictation, most patients are satisfied with the result of this lip augmentation. The high satisfaction rate is just one of the reasons behind the steep rise in patients seeking permanent lip augmentation treatments over injectable treatments.

One of the main benefits to choosing permanent lip implants made of silicone instead of injectable lip augmentation treatments, which use dermal fillers, is that the results are long lasting. Unlike injectable lip augmentation treatments that required topping up after just 18 months, permanent lip implants can last for many years. Overtime, this means you will inevitably spend less money than you was if you chose dermal fillers and lip injections.

If you would like more information about permanent lip implants, and how they can help change the shape and size of your lips without having to have repeat treatments, please contact a member of the team. There are cosmetic clinics across the country offering permanent implants, including PermaLip, so you can be sure your cosmetic lip enhancement lasts for a long time.

Five reasons to choose lip implants

The best reasons to choose lip implants over lip fillers

If you’re considering undergoing a lip augmentation you may be considering lip fillers or lip implants – maybe even both. There are many reasons why someone may choose to undergo a lip augmentation (or lip job) and depending on your reasons you may find one type of volumising lip treatment better than another.

SurgiSol has put together five reasons why you should consider permanent lip implants instead of injectable lip fillers and dermal filler injections. Whatever you choose to do, be safe and be informed about your lip augmentation options.

  1. Lip implants offer permanent volume

One of the most important reasons to consider permanent lip implants such as PermaLip instead of injectable alternatives is that the implants used offer a long-term result. Once in place, lip implants are part of the structure of the upper and/or lower lip and provide a permanent solution to lost or missing lip volume. Unless you decide you wish to have them removed, the lip implants will happily sit in place for as long as you like.

  1. Silicone implants are tested for safety

Unlike lip fillers which can be dangerous if unregulated, PermaLip implants offer a safer and more reliable methos of volume improvement to the lip. Extensively tested for strength and safety, the PermaLip implants are proven to be strong and versatile, being used and trusted by cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons across the UK in top clinics.

  1. No top up lip augmentation treatments

One of the main benefits to undergoing a permanent lip augmentation using silicone implants is that you will only need to visit your medical professional once. Treatments do not need repeating and the initial cost of the volumising lip implants is nothing comparatively to bi-annual visits to cosmetic clinics to have injectable lip fillers administered. In the long run the upfront cost is minimal in comparison to dermal fillers.

  1. Quick procedure times

Another top draw to undergoing a lip job with permanent implants is how quick the entire procedure is. Once the silicone implant size is chosen (during your consultation with a medical professional) the process of inserting it is very quick. You can expect to be in and out within 45 minutes. Lip fillers can take the same time but require constant top ups to maintain the result, versus a one of treatment session.

  1. Low risk lip augmentation

With just a tiny incision needed when inserting the silicone lip implant, the overall lip augmentation procedure using permanent lip implants is actually very safe. The likelihood of complications is minimal and side effects associated with dermal fillers and lip injections, such as allergic reaction and over-filling, are ultimately reduced to very little. Patients report the results of lip implants like PermaLip to heal quickly and very few side effects are reported, unlike with volumisers and lip fillers.

There are many more reasons to consider permanent lip augmentation instead of injectable volumising treatments. If you’d like to speak to someone about the long term benefits of choosing PermaLip implants for the lips please contact us via email.

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A new approach to permanent lip implants

Permanent lip implants for patients over 45

You could be forgiven for thinking at permanent lip implants are a type of cosmetic treatment only pursued by younger patients, but in recent years we have seen an increase in the number of women aged 45 and above who are looking to improve the volume of their lips as they age.

It’s widely perceived in the media that the lip augmentation treatments are only being undertaken by women of a certain age; usually linked to social media or specific TV shows that glamorise a certain look. However, in the last five years clinics across the UK have seen a rise in women in their 40s seeking not only nonsurgical anti-ageing treatments but also, more specifically, lip augmentation treatments, such as permanent lip implants.

Permanent lip implants are designed to add volume and improve the size of the upper and or lower lip. When you consider that as we age the lips lose volume especially, we start to see a reduction in natural shape/size. For that reason alone it is not surprising that women in their 40s are seeking a way to permanently improve this concern.

Permanent lip implants such as PermaLip offer a reliable and safe method of lip augmentation, and the procedure to insert these implants is quick and relatively straightforward. There is no hospital stay required, and as a local anaesthetic is used there is no pain or discomfort associated with this form of lip augmentation.

PermaLip implants specifically designed to work in harmony with the natural shape of the lips. Unlike dermal fillers that can give an uneven and unnatural result, permanent lip implants are designed to work alongside the natural aesthetic of the lip and the mouth. Via incisions at the corners of the mouth, the silicone lip implants are placed under the skin, before the small incisions are closed and the lips allowed to heal.

Unlike dermal filler lip augmentation treatments, patients do not need to undergo further treatments at extra cost after 18 months. In fact these implants are classed as permanent and therefore should last for a long time before needing replacements if at all. Over a longer period of time, when you consider how much it costs to undergo repeat lip augmentation treatments using dermal fillers, silicone permanent implants represent an economic cosmetic solutions to lips that lack natural volume or have lost volume due to the ageing process.

If you would like more information about undergoing permanent lip augmentation treatments using silicone implants, such as PermaLip, please contact us today. We will be happy to put you in touch with local clinic offering this type of lip augmentation procedure.