Quick lip augmentation in the UK

Choosing quick lip augmentation in the UK

Are you looking for a non-injectable way to undergo a quick lip augmentation, that offers impressive results without requiring bi-annual top up treatments? Dermal fillers and lip fillers can create great results, but PermaLip permanent lip implants are a long term solution to lip lacking in natural volume.

Used as a solo quick lip augmentation or as part of a lip rejuvenation procedure with injectable such as dermal fillers and lip fillers, permanent lip implants have become one of the most popular ways to boost the shape and size of the upper and lower lips.

As part of the procedure for quick lip augmentation treatment, soft silicone implants are inserted into the upper or lower lip; in some cases patients may choose to have both lips enhanced. The procedure itself with PermaLip implants is straight forward and offers impressive and reliable results. Patients can be in and our of the clinic within an hour in most cases, making it just as speedy a lip augmentation treatment as injectable alternatives.

Unlike dermal fillers and lip fillers which can create unnatural-looking results, the major benefit to choosing quick lip augmentation with permanent lip implants is that the results are smooth and natural-looking. Patients are always delighted with how their lips look and feel post-procedure, and unlike injectable lip enhancement treatments, the results are long lasting.

Choosing quick lip augmentation with permanent lip implants

Choosing a quick lip augmentation with PermaLip permanent lip implants ensure you’ll have a fuller pout without requiring top up treatments; it’s a long lasting procedure and the results will last as long as the implants remain in the lips. It’s minimally invasive – requiring a small incision – but most patients agree this is more than worth the increased lip fullness.

Popular with women lacking natural volume, and patients who may have lost volume and fullness due to the ageing process, quick lip augmentation is reliable and safe. The popularity of this type of lip enhancement continues to grow thanks to the impressive and versatile results.

Benefits of quick lip augmentation include:

  • Long lasting fullness to the lips
  • Versatility; upper and lower lips can be treated
  • Natural looking results
  • No need for regular top up treatments with dermal fillers or lip fillers
  • Quick procedure times using permanent lip implants
  • Reliable and safe silicone implants; PermaLip is an industry leading brand
  • Tried and tested procedure
  • Long term patient satisfaction
  • Return on investment; no top up dermal fillers or lip filler needed so cost over a lifetime is greatly reduced comparatively

Getting more information about quick lip augmentation

If you would like to discover more quick lip augmentation using PermaLip permanent lip implants please contact us on email or phone. We can recommend a UK cosmetic clinic closest to you offering this form of lip enhancement procedure, or discuss lip augmentation with permanent lip implants in detail with you.

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Volumise the lips with permanent lip implants

Improve the appearance of thin lips with permanent lip implants

For lips that lack natural volume, or appear thinner than you would like, permanent lip implants can provide a natural looking solution.

Available in cosmetic clinics across the UK, and popular with women across the world, permanent lip implants such as PermaLip offer a minimally invasive option for those that do not want, or are not satisfied with, dermal fillers and lip injections.

The benefits of choosing permanent lip implants such as PermaLip over dermal fillers and lip injections are vast, and most patients that opt for the silicone lip implants are satisfied with the results.

Available in different sizes – making the lip augmentation procedure a more tailored and indivualised approach – the PermaLip permanent lip implants will transform the way your lips look.

Permanent lip implants over injectable treatments

Improving lip volume without the need for dermal fillers or lip injections, permanent lip implants are made of soft silicone and can easily be inserted during a quick procedure in a cosmetic clinic.

Plastic surgeons and some cosmetic doctors offer this innovate alternative to non-surgical lip augmentation treatments, and are proving more popular than ever as the results are long lasting.

The biggest benefit to undergoing permanent lip implants over dermal fillers and lip injections, such as volumisers, is that the results are long lasting – the same cannot be said for injectable lip augmentation treatments.

Rather than having to under repeat (and expensive) dermal filler treatments or injectable lip fillers, the PermaLip implants last for many years. There’s no top up treatments, no repeat visits to expensive clinics, and no risk of over filling.

Natural results and a balanced, beautiful aesthetic makes permanent lip implants the best option for patients looking to boost their lip volume and enlarge thin lips without having to keep paying for more treatments. It’s one cost and the results last for years; you’ll enjoy fuller, more plump lips without more treatments looming over you.

PermaLip implants are ideal for enlarging the lips – upper or lower – but they cannot fill or smooth lines around the mouth, such as smoker’s lines. The advice from medical professionals in this instance would be to combine lip implants with some dermal fillers to improve the overall aesthetic in terms of anti ageing.

Consultation for permanent lip implants

A full consultation prior to the insertion of permanent lip implants means you can be sure you’re in the safest hands. You can find a list of local medical practitioners to you on the website.

Your medical professional will discuss your lip augmentation options, and whether you require the PermaLip implants as a standalone treatment – or as part of a combination treatment with dermal fillers and lip injections. This is something to think about, and you may be asked to go home and consider your decision prior to any treatments taking place.

During the lip augmentation procedure, the silicone lip implants are inserted; it’s not painful thanks to local anaesthetic and takes less than an hour.

A full consultation prior to the insertion of permanent lip implants means you can be sure you’re in the safest hands, and we highly recommend doing some research on who you trust with your treatments.

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Get bigger lips without dermal fillers

How to improve lip size without dermal fillers

When it comes to how to improve lip size without having to undergo treatment with dermal fillers you may be forgiven for thinking the options are limited, however thanks to permanent implants you can have all of the benefits offered by dermal fillers but on a permanent basis.

Getting bigger lips without dermal fillers has never been easier thanks to the long-term benefits of choosing lip implants made of silicone over injectable treatments. It’s possible to improve lip size and volume using these small soft implants which are placed under the skin of the upper or lower lip to change the shape.

It was recently noted in the national media that lip augmentation treatments have never been more popular, with women especially flocking to cosmetic clinics across the UK hoping to get bigger lips. However, with so many horror stories emerging about overuse of dermal fillers, combined with the fact that they only last for a limited period of time, many patients are now seeking a more permanent and safe way to get bigger lips and improve lip size without dermal fillers.

PermaLip implants can be used as part of a reliable form of permanent lip augmentation, and have been designed specifically to mirror the natural look and feel of the lips. You can be sure by choosing these permanent lip implants you can improve the lips size without compromising the natural aesthetic of the lip.

The process of inserting lip implants is much more simple than you may imagine, with a small incision being the only requirement for placing the implant below the surface of the skin. With minimal bruising and limited swelling expected, you are free to leave the clinic post-treatment and will be able to see the results of the permanent lip augmentation once any swelling or bruising has subsided, which usually doesn’t take more than a few days.

One of the main benefits to undergoing permanent implants to improve lip size is that unlike demo fillers he will not need to have repeat treatments. In fact the only reason you may wish to revisit your cosmetic practitioner or medical professional, is to reduce or upscale the implants you have. In most cases the implants have a long lifespan and over the years, when compare to the cost of annual lip filler treatments, represent a more cost-effective form of lip augmentation.

As well as the long-term benefits of undergoing permanent lip augmentation using silicone implants, patients are no longer at risk from uneven and unnatural looking results, which may come from dermal filler overuse. When used by trained professional dermal fillers can provide excellent volumisation to the lip area, however, with overuse the results can start to look unnatural. As well as this the lip can begin to feel unnatural to. With permanent lip implants such as PermaLip, this is no longer a concern.

Why offer lip implants over dermal fillers

Should patients be choosing lip implants over dermal fillers?

A frequent question asked by patients is whether they should choose lip implants over fillers. Whilst dermal fillers and volumiser injections for the lips can improve volume and alter the shape and size of the lip, the results can often be uneven, and in all cases the results are not permanent.

With this in mind, this week’s blog focuses on the positives when considering lip implants over fillers. Here are 6 reasons to consider PermaLip implants to augment the lips without non surgical injectables.

Lip implants are long lasting

As well as providing an immediate affect one of the main plus points for choosing lip implants over fillers is that they last for much longer. In most cases a patient undergoing lip augmentation using dermal fillers or volumiser injections will require top up treatments every 18-24 months; with lip implants like PermaLip only one treatment is needed and the volumised result is there for as long as the patient desires.

Implants for the lips are more reliable

Unlike dermal fillers, lip implants such as PermaLip can be removed if the patient isn’t satisfied, or replaced/enlarged if desired. This tailored approach ensures all patients are given the correct size implant to make a subtle but tangible change in lip size, whereas dermal fillers and volumising lip injections can often make the lips appear overfilled and out of proportion.

Lip implant procedures are quick to perform

Treatment times vary depending on the patient, but most permanent lip augmentation procedures using PermaLip implants take under an hour. In some cases just half an hour is needed to reshape the upper lip or lower lip. Once the consultation is complete, and suitability is confirmed, the procedure itself is straight forward and can be performed swiftly in the clinical setting of your choice. Removing the need for repeat lip filler treatment is a popular reason for why patients now choose lip implants over fillers.

Fewer complications are associated with lip implants

As with all cosmetic treatments there are risks and side effects that must be considered prior to undergoing lip augmentation using PermaLip implants, however one reasons to choose lip implants over fillers is the reliability and safety factor. Unlike lip injections which can cause lumpy or uneven results, implants for the lips such as PermaLip are highly recommended by experts for their reliability and quality.

Lip implants are cheaper

In the long run lip implants are cheaper than dermal fillers because no repeat treatments are needed. Of course, the initial cost is a little more, but when you spread the upkeep costs of lip fillers over the years this becomes quite minimal in comparison.

PermaLip implants can be combined with injectable treatments too

As well as a standalone form of lip augmentation, lip implants including PermaLip are easily used in combination with dermal fillers, where needed, to improve the shape and proportions of the lip line. For example, in older patients, where volume loss includes the lip line, a combination of lip implants and dermal fillers, volumiser injections or lip fillers may be offered.


PermaLip implants for lip augmentation

Long term lip augmentation with PermaLip implants

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments of the here and now is undoubtedly the lip augmentation. It’s consistently covered in lifestyle and beauty magazines, and lip augmentation treatments have continued to rise in popularity over the last five years.

With female celebrities seemingly all flocking to cosmetic clinics across the UK in search of the perfect pout, it stands to reason that lip augmentation has become the go-to cosmetic treatment for women of all ages.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and as lip augmentation continues to be the beauty choice ‘de jour’ we are starting to see what happens when injectable lip augmentations don’t go to plan.

Unlike implants, such as PermaLip, fillers can be problematic and cause reactions in some patients. There is also much publicity surrounding the misuse of lip fillers, which can leave patients looking unnatural and unhappy.

For many potential patients, the idea of undergoing multiple injectable treatments using fillers in order to maintain lips to be proud of is becoming less and less attractive, and so the rise in permanent lip augmentation is now proudly coming to the forefront of the British aesthetics industry.

PermaLip implants for permanent lip augmentation

For those who do not wish to undergo risky injectable lip fillers, or for patients who wish to have a permanent long-term solution, the PermaLip implants could provide the perfect result.

PermaLip is a silicone implant which has been approved for the use in permanent augmentation procedures. The implant, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, is inserted into the lips virus more incision made by a cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon.

Whilst a minor procedure it is still classed as a medical treatment and therefore should only be undertaken by those trained in this advanced technique.

Once placed under the tissue of the lips, the PermaLip implant is long lasting, unless the patient wishes to have it removed or replaced with a different shape or size. The volume of the lips can be improved or the shape of the lip may be altered using these implants, and both the top and bottom lip can be augmented using the silicone implants if the patient wishes.

This represents a breakthrough in lip augmentation treatments as patients no longer have to revisit the clinic over and over again for top up treatment in order to maintain the result.

As with any minor surgical procedure, there are always risks and complications associated with such a treatment, however the risks are very slight and complications low thanks to the tiny incision required. PermaLip implants have been widely tested and is recognised as a safe and strong product which is ideal for reshaping the lips and improving the volume.

More information on PermaLip

PermaLip implants are available in clinics across the U.K. and can be purchased by practitioners from SurgiSol.

Contact be team for more information or to request a meeting with a member of the team.



Silicone lip implants for augmentation

Choosing PermaLip silicone lip implants for augmentation

PermaLip silicone lip implants are designed specifically to offer patients natural-looking lip augmentation results and come in a variety of sizes to enable a more bespoke treatment.

SurgiSol is proud to distribute these silicone lip implants, which are known as PermaLip, and both medical professionals such as plastic surgeons and patients agree that the results attainable using the soft silicone implants are impressive.

Lips are trending in the UK right now, with more women than ever researching lip augmentation treatments. Of course, dermal fillers and lip fillers are a popular form of lip augmentation, but we know all too well that results can be unnatural looking, and there are risks and complications attached to the non-surgical lip augmentation.

For savvy patients looking for a long-term solution to lips which lack natural fullness or definition, PermaLip silicone lip implants can improve the shape and size of the lips permanently. No top up injections, no allergic reactions or swelling – just beautifully natural-looking lips.

Being suitable for both the top and bottom lips, PermaLip silicone lip implants make permanent lip augmentation versatile and reliable. Tested to make sure they are safe and durable these lip implants will not rupture or cause capsular issues.

In the hands of a cosmetic expert, PermaLip implants will subtly improve volume to the lips, which unlike dermal fillers and lip fillers will remain in place for years.

Before permanent lip augmentation using PermaLip silicone lip implants a full consultation is required to ascertain patient suitability. The lips will be assessed, as well the patient’s concerns and goals. Don’t forget – the consultation process is important, as the size of implant will need to be discussed as well as the risks associated with undergoing this type of cosmetic lip augmentation treatment.

It may be that the lip implants are used in combination with a non-surgical treatment for the best results – e.g. with dermal fillers if the shape of the lip line needs addressing – but it is often a fine standalone cosmetic solution.

PermaLip silicone lip implants are placed under the skin of the lips in a short procedure. Local anaesthetic ensures patient comfort, and the medical professional will make a small incision to place the implant before it’s moved into place and the tiny incisions are closed.

The lip augmentation treatment does not take more than 60 minutes, and in some cases, can be much less.

Patients and medical professionals rave about the PermaLip silicone lip implants because they not only look natural, but feel natural too. Once placed below the surface of the skin, the implants feel like existing tissues, and do not affect the way a person speaks post-procedure.

One of the most commonly asked questions is if PermaLip silicone lip implants affect the act of kissing, but patients insist no change in sensation or movement is observed in this respect.

PermaLip silicone lip implants for lip augmentation that lasts

For a long-term solution to lip augmentation, look no further than PermaLip silicone lip implants available from SugiSol. Top up treatments can be expensive and time consuming, but the permanent lip augmentation for the upper and/or lower lips using PermaLip lip implants is a long-term solution.

To find out more about PermaLip silicone lip implants, permanent lip augmentation, or to find a clinic/stockist please contact us on email info@surgisol.com.

Swap fillers for lip implants

Dermal fillers are being replaced by lip implants

At long last lip fillers are being given a run for their money by lip implants, thanks to more and more plastic surgeons turning to PermaLip silicone implants to offer patients a more reliable long term lip augmentation solution.

There is no denying that big lips are in fashion, and thin lips are something many female patients are choosing to have corrected at clinics across the UK. Until recently – thanks to the national media’s growing celebrity obsession – unsure patients may have been led to believe that the use of injectable fillers (lip fillers) was the only way to improve the shape and volume of the lips.

But thanks to numerous high-profile UK plastic surgeons and cosmetic experts highlighting the benefits of lip implants, patients are being educated in the value of long-term lip augmentation procedures.

The rise of lip augmentation procedures continues into 2017, and this cosmetic phenomenon sees no sign of slowing down. With so much interest in lip implants and augmentation treatments, it is no surprise that savvy patients are now seeking a more long-term solution to an improved pout, which does not require bi-annual injectable top up treatments.

Lip implants such as PermaLip from SurgiSol are a perfect example of a product designed to enable permanent lip augmentation, without the use of dermal fillers and short term injectable treatments which do not yield results that last for many years. Why undergo 2 to 3 treatments per year to maintain the results of a non-surgical lip augmentation when you can undergo one procedure in hundred and hour which will provide you with a long-term lip volumisation?

Choosing PermaLip lip implants

Unlike lip augmentation using dermal fillers, which can provide a natural looking even results, permanent lip implants such as PermaLip can offer a subtle, natural looking and feeling option for women who are keen to improve the volume or size of their lips.

Placed under the skin of the lip during a short medical procedure with a plastic surgeon or cosmetic expert, the soft PermaLip implant sits in place for as long as the patient desires, and can be a long-term solution to lips which lacked natural volume or have lost volume due to the ageing process.

Benefits to lip augmentation using PermaLip lip implants are vast, with many medical professionals suggesting that this is undoubtedly the most reliable and long-term solution to lips which require extra volume.

Here’s 4 of the best reasons to choose a permanent lip augmentation like PermaLip:

– Like lip injections which can be incredibly costly over time, a permanent lip implant, such as PermaLip, is a medical device which can provide a long-term lip augmentation with no further top up treatment required.

– PermaLip lip implants are available in a variety of sizes which enables the medical practitioner to provide a bespoke treatment plan to each and every patient.

– The PermaLip lip implants are made of top quality soft silicone and have been rigorously tested and deemed safe for use in the UK.

– Lip implants can also be used alongside dermal fillers if the patient is also concerned about signs of ageing above the lip, such as fine lines or wrinkles.

To find out more information on permanent lip augmentation using PermaLip silicone lip implants, or any of the other products and services we offer at SurgiSol, please contact the team who will be happy to assist you.


Quick lip augmentation with PermaLip

Undergoing a quick lip augmentation with PermaLip

You may have been led to believe that the only quick lip augmentation is with dermal fillers and lip volumiser injections, but in actual fact the PermaLip implant can be inserted in well under 30 minutes.

The quest for a quick lip augmentation is something we’ve seen growing year-on-year and with so many speedy options available it’s easy to see why this form of cosmetic treatment has become unbelievably popular.

However, just because the results are quick does not mean you should undergo lip augmentation with dermal fillers or volumiser injections, especially if you want a plumper pout and fuller lips that last a lifetime.

For women seeking a long-term solution to fuller lips, PermaLip implants can be inserted as part of a quick lip augmentation and can have results that last for years to come rather than months.

In just one short treatment, the PermaLip permanent lip implant can boost the volume of the lips and offer natural looking, and long lasting results, which dermal lip fillers and volumiser injections simply cannot provide.

As part of the quick lip augmentation using lip implants, a small but robust silicone implant is inserted via small incisions made at the corner of the mouth. A numbing anaesthetic is provided to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout and aside from the slight ‘tugging’ feeling (as the implant is moved and placed correctly within the lip) patient should not feel any pain or discomfort.

As well as providing a long-term solution to lips that are lacking natural volume, PermaLip implants can provide a fuller looking pout and increased volumisation to one or both lips. Helping to give a more feminine appearance to the mouth, the use of silicone implants as part of a quick lip augmentation is now widely regarded as a solution for women seeking fuller lips without dermal filler injections.

Unlike lip augmentation treatments which rely on injectable substances to create volume, a lip implant is specifically designed to offer volumising affects to this delicate area without acids.

It’s imperative that natural looking results are obtained during a quick lip augmentation, and thanks to the varying size of implants available under the permanent PermaLip brand patients are able to tailor the results to suit their existing facial aesthetic.

Because we know that versatility is important, silicone implant for the lips can also be used alongside other cosmetic treatments designed to give a fuller appearance to the lips. For example, the dermal filler injections and volumiser injections can be used alongside a permanent lip implant if the upper lip line requires defining or shaping.

Whilst silicone implants can undoubtedly provide volume, they cannot reshape the lip line but nonsurgical treatments can be combined in order to make this happen.

Request more details on PermaLip for quick lip augmentation 

For further information or specific details about the benefits of choosing permanent lip implants over injectable treatments, please contact the SurgiSol team who will be glad to assist you and direct you towards your nearest cosmetic clinic offering quick lip augmentation with PermaLip.


Permanent lip implants for volume

The benefits of permanent lip implants for improved volume in the upper lip

Lip augmentation procedures continue to take the UK by storm, and with many satisfied patients now enjoying the results of their permanent lip implants, SurgiSol is proud to be offering PermaLip silicone implants as part of our portfolio of medical devices.

With more and more cosmetic clinics across the UK offering permanent lip implants such as PermaLip to patients, this week’s blog uncovers the benefits of choosing implants to augment the upper lip.

Until fairly recently, altering the shape or size of the lips was considered a job essentially only for dermal fillers, fat transfer or volumising injections. Whilst fat transfer proved somewhat unreliable in that the long-term results could not be determined in advance, and lip fillers often provided unnatural looking results, lip implants long term reliability continues to impress.

Whilst there is no doubt that lip augmentation treatments using injectables remain popular across the world, there are many reasons why choosing a permanent lip implant – such as PermaLip – over unnatural injectable substances is the key to patient satisfaction. Offering long term satisfaction, no synthetic injectable substances and natural looking and feeling results lip implants such as PermaLip are a winning solution for patients seeking lip augmentation results which really last.

Why choose PermaLip implants?

Permanent implants for the lips, such as PermaLip, are made of soft silicone which when placed under the skin during a short medical procedure leave lips looking fuller. Thanks to the unique silicone used within the implants, patients routinely report that their new improved lips feel natural and look subtly voluminous.

With a smooth and soft overall feel and look of the lips using PermaLip, this form of lip augmentation allows patients to enjoy a feminine pout without even unnatural looking results.

One of the main benefits of PermaLip lip implants is that they are placed during a one-off procedure; there are no costly and inconvenient top of the treatments required making them a popular choice for busy women across the UK. The procedure takes under an hour, and during the initial consultation (prior to treatment) the medical practitioner will explain exactly how the implant is to be placed beneath the skin. Patients are given the opportunity to gain full understanding of the procedure and the medical device they are having implanted.

There are minimal risks and side effects associated with undergoing a permanent lip augmentation using lip implants such as PermaLip. Aside from some initial swelling or bruising to the lip that has been treated, most patients find that the procedure offers a non-invasive method of improving the shape or size of the lips. It is important to note, however, that the use of the implants is offered as part of a medical procedure and should only be undertaken by a medical practitioner who is trained in the specific form of lip augmentation using PermaLip lip implants.

Points to remember

 – Unlike lip fillers which can, in some cases, offer unnatural or uneven results, lip implants such as PermaLip are made of smooth silicone and sit perfectly in the lip/s.

– PermaLip implants are shaped specifically to improve the appearance of the lips and come in various sizes.

– The chance of allergic reaction with lip implants, compared to lip fillers, is very rare.

– Lip implants can also be used on both the upper or lower lip, making them versatile.

– They can be offered in combination with non surgical skin rejuvenation or anti ageing treatments to further improve the overall lip area.

For more information about lip implants – including silicone PermaLip implants – please contact the SurgiSol team. 


Choosing quality lip implants

The importance of choosing quality lip implants

When it comes to undergoing permanent lip augmentation, it’s vital a patient chooses the best quality lip implants available. When lip fillers are unsuitable or unwanted, the alternative lip implant procedures require lip implants which are quality-assured and come boasting a high safety rating.

Whilst lip fillers and injectable lip plumping treatments have been popular, especially with celebrities, the time has come for a more permanent solution to lips that lack volume or require reshaping.

Cosmetic lip augmentation using these innovative silicone lip implants are available in cities and areas across the UK such as London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Cheshire, Newcastle, and Essex.

Quality lip implants: PermaLip

PermaLip implants from SurgiSol offer quality and longevity, enabling patients to maintain the same results they first enjoyed permanently. Unlike dermal fillers and lip filler injections, the PermaLip implant is designed to offer a lasting improvement to the shape and volume of the lips; requiring no top up treatments or repeat procedures.

Created using the best silicone available, these medical devices come with a certification of excellence and are trusted by plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and practitioners up and down the country.

Reliable and widely considered top quality lip implants, PermaLip represents a high standard in aesthetic solutions, making them a popular option for experts offering permanent lip augmentation to patients.

Stephen Knobel from SurgiSol says the quality lip implants are only set to become more popular in 2017, with demand for lip volumising procedures skyrocketing in the past 5 years.

“The demand for permanent lip augmentation has grown at a speedy rate in the UK. With complications from dermal fillers becoming regular news in the media, practitoners are seeking alternatives to injectables which offer reliability as well as quick lip augmentation treatment times.”

“For cosmetic experts looking to offer the best lip augmentation with long term results and satisfied patients, the time has come to offer more choice and innovative procedures and products. In short, PermaLip implants represent the best in silicone lip implants.”

PermaLip quality lip implants from SurgiSol

For cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons seeking to offer patients a long-term alternative to dermal fillers, lip implants can be a viable solution. Offering patients a long-lasting lip augmentation, the PermaLip implants are ideal to rejuvenate the mouth and transform the shape and size of the lips.

For product specifications or more information on the range of quality lip implants available from SurgiSol please contact the team who can help guide you or visit your clinic to showcase the range in person.