Get bigger lips with dermal filler alternative

PermaLip offers a reliable dermal filler alternative for bigger lips

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic treatment at the moment is undoubtedly lip plumping procedures, but did you know there’s a safe and reliable dermal filler alternative that lasts much longer?

PermaLip lip implants are made of thin silicone and can be placed under the top or bottom lip to improve volume and boost the size of the lips without repeat treatments. They are durable and offer a natural looking result that can last for many years.

For some time now lip augmentation procedures have been in the news and continue to grow in popularity year on year. With so many medical professional now offering some form of injectable treatment to get bigger lips, it’s an exciting prospect that patients now have a viable dermal filler alternative.

Dermal fillers and lip injections have a wealth of positives, but at the same time there are many documented cases of lip fillers not providing the expected results, or bad practice resulting in over use and misuse of the injectables. Silicone implants allow patients to get bigger lips without undergoing multiple treatments or risking unsatisfactory uneven results, often associated with dermal fillers and lip fillers.

Unlike injectable lip fillers that can look unnatural and present patients with problems thanks to uneven results or allergic reactions, PermaLip represents quality and value with the aesthetics market, and is the choice of discerning patients seeking the best of the best.

It’s now possible to get bigger lips without undergoing multiple lip filler treatments, and represents an exciting breakthrough in lip augmentation and the cosmetic industry as a dermal filler alternative that really works.

As part of a long term lip augmentation PermaLip implants can be placed under the top or lower lip (or both) as part of a simple and quick minimally invasive procedure. The implants feel natural under the skin and sit evenly to give a result that looks neat and realistic to the natural lip shape.

Once placed under the lip the small incisions a the corners of the lip are closed and the patient is free to go home immediately – no hospital stay is required and the healing time is swift. Some bruising may appear but this should subside within a few days.

Results of this lip augmentation are long lasting and do not require top up treatments, making this a popular dermal filler alternative because no follow up procedures are required to maintain the results of this lip augmentation. PermaLip is available in the top private aesthetic clinics across the country, and continues to be featured in the national press as a long-term alternative to dermal and lip fillers that really works.

Getting more information about dermal filler alternative

If you’d like to discover the benefits of lip augmentation using PermaLip silicone implants, or how they can provide long lasting results for those seeking to get bigger lips without injectable treatments, please contact a member of the team who will be delighted to help you.

More information on the product specifics can be found here.



Get the perfect pout with PermaLip

How to get the perfect pout with permanent lip implants

What defines the perfect pout? Fullness? Volume? Plumpness? The answer for many women is all of the above, and that’s why the arrival of PermaLip silicone implants has proved such a revelation.

The quest for the perfect pout isn’t actually anything new. Despite the daily influx of celebrity stories we see in the media, lip augmentation procedures have been around for some time now. Which people choose inevitably comes to cost and longevity.

There are a variety of versions of lip augmentation. Here we briefly explain what’s available and why ultimately silicone lip implants are the most satisfying long term.

Silicone lip implants

Known as the only permanent lip augmentation available, the perfect pout can be achieved forever with silicone lip implants such as PermaLip.

PermaLip is the gold standard in permanent lip augmentation, giving you natural looking volume in either the lower or upper lip – or both! The silicone is regulated and tested to ensure safety and the implants will not rupture.

Available in clinics across the UK, this versatile method of lip enhancement can be used to get bigger lips without the need for injectables and repeat treatments. It’s a quick procedure, taking less than one hour, and is a one off cost.

You can find out more detailed information about PermaLip and the benefits to choosing this as your lip augmentation procedure by clicking on out products pages.

Lip fillers and volumising injections

The least expensive (for a one off treatment) is dermal fillers, otherwise know as lip fillers. These are injections that need topping up every 12-18 months, so while they may seem cheaper to begin with, they end up costing a lot through your lifetime.

The results can be unnatural if overused, and there are many examples of fillers causing lumps and bumps under the skin. They are however incredibly popular, especially with the selfie generation.

Fat transfer

A lesser known form of lip augmentation is via fat transfer. During fat transfer the lips are enhanced in size using the body’s own fat cells. These are taken from another area, usually the abdomen or buttocks, are replaced in the lips via injections.

This is a more natural way to boost volume and get the perfect pout, however results cannot be guaranteed. Every single person reacts differently to this for of lip augmentation, and often the fat takes in one area but not another, leaving the lips looking uneven sometimes.

Get more information

Would you like more information on getting the perfect pout with PermaLip silicone lip implants? We can help you find a local clinic offering this remarkable form of lip augmentation. You can also find out more about them by visiting our product pages.

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Getting a bespoke permanent lip augmentation

Why a permanent lip augmentation can change your life

Have you been inspired to get a permanent lip augmentation on the back of celebrities posting photos to social media? The truth is, most of these famous faces have undergone lip fillers or volumising lip injections, but the only way to get a long term result and plumper pout is to choose permanent lip enhancement.

A permanent lip augmentation is now possible, thanks to the awareness of silicone lip implants, such as PermaLip. We distribute these clever little silicone implants to clinics across the UK, and we can help you find one offering this form of cosmetic treatment if you would like to try them.

Why choose permanent lip augmentation?

There are several reasons to choose permanent lip augmentation over non surgical alternatives such as dermal fillers and lip volumising injections. First of all the silicone lip implants are safe and durable. The results last a long time and unless you have them removed they will maintain their shape without issue.

The PermaLip implants specifically are designed to change the size of your lips, without requiring top up treatments. They are inserted during a quick aesthetic treatment in clinic and you can go home within minutes of the procedure being completed.

Why can permanent lip augmentation change your life?

Unlike dermal fillers which are injectable in nature and require annual top up treatments (and of course more money to be spent) these silicone lip implants can change your life by offering long term volumisation to the lips.

In the long term the use of lip implants over dermal fillers means you will require less time in the clinic and less spending in the future. It’s also ideal as a confidence booster if you are unhappy with the size of your upper or lower lip.

How is it bespoke?

Every treatment is given after a consultation to determine suitability. After that there are a choice of sizes, depending on the look you want to achieve with permanent lip augmentation.

During your procedure, the surgeon will make incisions to place the silicone lip implants under the skin. He/she will then ensure you’re comfortable with the shape of them and if there’s any issues they can be sorted out there and then.

Who are permanent lip implants suitable for?

 Women who are unhappy with their lips may benefit from silicone lip implants that offer size boosting qualities to the lips. It’s also ideal if you don’t have the time to keep attending repeat treatments in clinic.

More information about permanent lip augmentation

We want to help you get the best treatment with the best silicone lip implants. Contact us to find out which cosmetic clinics are closest to you and offering this form of lip enhancement.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more information about permanent lip implants such as PermaLip. Visit the product page for more specific information about the materials used to create these innovative silicone implants.

The silicone free secret to get fuller lips

Get fuller lips with a silicone lip implant

The secret is out – you can get fuller lips without dermal fillers and lip injections. Instead of choosing lip augmentation treatments that can give unnatural looking results, PermaLip silicone lip implants can improve lip volume permanently.

No top up lip augmentation treatments are needed post procedure, and the result is natural looking volumised lips. PermaLip implants are safe, effective and used by the top plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors across the UK. You don’t need any time off work, there is minimal chance of adverse reaction (unlike with dermal fillers and lip injections) and you can enjoy the results for the long term.

Get fuller lips with PermaLip

You can get fuller lips with silicone implants rather than injectables and dermal fillers. Far from being a fad or the latest cosmetic craze, permanent lip implants have been used in aesthetic practice for many years; PermaLip is the most trusted brand used by medical professional across the UK.

Using these silicone lip implants it’s possible to get fuller lips without repeat treatments being necessary. Patients can be in and out of the clinic within an hour in most cases, and will be able to see and enjoy the results of their lip augmentation immediately.

For patients seeking to get fuller lips without injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and lip injections, silicone lip implants present a quick and long term solution to lips that are lacking in natural volume. They cannot alter the shape of the lips per say, but they can increases the size and projection.

It’s sometimes advised that PermaLip lip implants are used in combination with other lip augmentation treatments in order to improve ageing signs around the mouth and lips, such as smokers lines. In this case cosmetic anti ageing treatments such as skin rejuvenation procedures can be provided alongside silicone lip implants.

Lip augmentation treatments should be tailored to suit the patient’s bespoke needs, and as such a consultation is required in order to ascertain suitability as well as how best the utilise the implants to get the best result.

The array of benefits to choosing permanent lip implants in order to get fuller lips include:

  • Long term lip augmentation results
  • Natural looking fuller lips
  • Volume improvement
  • quick treatment times
  • Safe long term use
  • Can be used as part of a wider treatment plan
  • No top up treatments required
  • Medical professionals across the UK offering PermaLip
  • Can be used on the upper and/or lower lip
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for use with other lip augmentation treatments where necessary

Find out more about PermaLip and get fuller lips

You can find out more information about silicone lip implants or how to get fuller lips using injectable alternatives by contacting the SurgiSol team today. We are happy to discuss the device and its uses further, or help you find a local medical professional offering this kind of lip augmentation treatment.

Swap injectable lip fillers for silicone lip implants

Choosing the best silicone lip implants for long term lip augmentation

For those considering an alternative to dermal filler injections, silicone lip implants can offer a long term surgical lip enhancement without the need for repeat treatments and scaling costs.

PermaLip silicone lip implants are designed to be comfortable and safe, helping to boost the size and volume of the lips without appearing fake or oversized.

Increasingly popular with women looking to get bigger lips without injectables such as dermal fillers and volumisers, silicone lip implants allow patients to enjoy natural looking full lips for many years.

Inserted under the skin of the lips, these soft silicone implants sit delicately under the lip skin, providing volume to the upper or lower lip. They’re popular because they can create volume that is both natural-looking and reliable; they will not rupture or leak thanks to their unique strong design.

Full lips are widely considered a sign of aesthetic beauty, and in recent years a surge in women seeking lip augmentation treatments has been reported. With this upturn in demand we’ve also seen a rise in reported cases of botched lip fillers, leaving many looking for an alternative that is both long term and less likely to cause complications.

PermaLip represents the very best in surgical lip enhancement thanks to its unique offerings for patients. This is the surgeon’s choice when it comes to lip augmentation; it’s offered in clinics up and down the country as the gold standard in permanent lip enhancement.

Benefits of choosing PermaLip silicone lip implants for surgical lip enhancement include:

  • long lasting results
  • versatile and individualised treatment
  • different sizes of implant available
  • minimal risks
  • no repeat treatments needed
  • long term cost much less than dermal fillers and volumising injections

Permanent lip enhancement is a recognised cosmetic procedure designed to boost the volume of the lips as well as a patient’s self esteem. Taking the time to assess the pros and cons, as with all aesthetic treatments, is the key to a successful and enjoyed cosmetic result.

Making sure the patient is suitable prior to treatment is vital, and a comprehensive consultation with a medical professional is advised. This offers a one on one appointment where patients can find out more information about lip augmentation treatments – including implants – as well as how best to prepare for treatment and maintain the results.

More information about surgical lip enhancement

If you are considering surgical lip enhancement and would like more information about silicone lip implants to boost the size of your lips please contact the team.

PermaLip implants are available in cosmetic clinics across the UK including cities such as London, Manchester, Hertfordshire, the Midlands and Wales.

Plumping the lips with a permanent lip augmentation

Seeking a permanent lip augmentation for bigger lips

There are many reasons for someone to wish to improve their lip volume, but no solution can offer a permanent lip augmentation quite like PermaLip silicone implants.

Designed to be placed under the lips in a quick procedure available at cosmetic clinics across the UK, PermaLip silicone implants are perfect for permanent lip augmentation treatments because they can transform the volume of the lips without looking unnatural.

A permanent lip augmentation is simply not possible with dermal fillers or lip injections. Far too often women undergo non surgical lip augmentation treatments using injectable fillers but find they either dislike the results or become irritated by having to have top-up treatments every 9-12 months.

The beauty of permanent lip augmentation with silicone lip implants such as PermaLip is that the one off minimally invasive treatment can offer long term results that require no upkeep or further cosmetic procedures. The one off cost, when spread over 5-10 years, is much less than what bi annual trips to the aesthetics clinic will end up costing. In time, this makes PermaLip the most cost effect permanent lip augmentation available.

PermaLip silicone implants are placed under the skin during simple and quick treatment performed by a medical professional in a clinic setting. Due to small incisions being needed to insert the lip implant/s, it’s classed as minimally invasive, but the procedure itself isn’t painful due to anaesthetic.

Patients can often be out in under an hour once the consultation and prep processes have been completed; permanent lip augmentation in your lunch hour is now a reality.

There are many reasons to switching from dermal fillers ad lip injections to permanent lip augmentation. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Quick treatment times
  • Safe permanent lip augmentation
  • Natural looking results
  • Long lasting permanent lip augmentation
  • Regulated and highly tested products
  • Only performed by skilled medical professionals
  • No top up treatments
  • Natural feeling lips
  • Cost effective permanent lip augmentation
  • Minimal bruising and downtime

There are numerous celebrities that have undergone dermal filler treatment for thin lips, or lip that need volume to look more feminine. This has in turn driven the market to produce better and more inclusive methods of lip enhancement. We’ve seen all too often the results of poor celebrity lip fillers, but now there’s an alternative that can actually enhance the lips without looking unnatural.

Thanks to PermaLip implants permanent lip augmentation is now a reliable and cost-effective method of improving volume-lacking lips. Many patients are switching from lip fillers and dermal fillers in light of this newer and better medical alternative.

Get the permanent lip augmentation you’ve always dreamed of

If you’d like to discover more about permanent lip enhancement using soft silicone lip implants please contact us today. We can help with in depth information regarding this type of lip enhancement and also find a local provider of PermaLip if you require.


Choosing permanent lip implants

The long term results of choosing permanent lip implants to get fuller lips

Lip augmentation procedures continue to take the UK by storm, and with many satisfied patients now enjoying the results of their permanent lip implants, SurgiSol is proud to be offering PermaLip silicone implants as part of our portfolio of medical devices.

With more and more cosmetic clinics across the UK offering permanent lip implants such as PermaLip to patients, this week’s blog uncovers the benefits of choosing implants to augment the upper lip.

Until fairly recently, altering the shape or size of the lips was considered a job essentially only for dermal fillers, fat transfer or volumising injections. Whilst fat transfer proved somewhat unreliable in that the long-term results could not be determined in advance, and lip fillers often provided unnatural looking results, lip implants long term reliability continues to impress.

Whilst there is no doubt that lip augmentation treatments using injectables remain popular across the world, there are many reasons why choosing a permanent lip implant – such as PermaLip – over unnatural injectable substances is the key to patient satisfaction. Offering long term satisfaction, no synthetic injectable substances and natural looking and feeling results lip implants such as PermaLip are a winning solution for patients seeking lip augmentation results which really last.

Why choose PeramLip implants?

Permanent implants for the lips, such as PermaLip, are made of soft silicone which when placed under the skin during a short medical procedure leave lips looking fuller. Thanks to the unique silicone used within the implants, patients routinely report that their new improved lips feel natural and look subtly voluminous.

With a smooth and soft overall feel and look of the lips using PermaLip, this form of lip augmentation allows patients to enjoy a feminine pout without even unnatural looking results.

One of the main benefits of PermaLip lip implants is that they are placed during a one-off procedure; there are no costly and inconvenient top of the treatments required making them a popular choice for busy women across the UK. The procedure takes under an hour, and during the initial consultation (prior to treatment) the medical practitioner will explain exactly how the implant is to be placed beneath the skin. Patients are given the opportunity to gain full understanding of the procedure and the medical device they are having implanted.

There are minimal risks and side effects associated with undergoing a permanent lip augmentation using lip implants such as PermaLip. Aside from some initial swelling or bruising to the lip that has been treated, most patients find that the procedure offers a non-invasive method of improving the shape or size of the lips. It is important to note, however, that the use of the implants is offered as part of a medical procedure and should only be undertaken by a medical practitioner who is trained in the specific form of lip augmentation using PermaLip lip implants.

Points to remember

– Unlike lip fillers which can, in some cases, offer unnatural or uneven results, lip implants such as PermaLip are made of smooth silicone and sit perfectly in the lip/s.

– PermaLip implants are shaped specifically to improve the appearance of the lips and come in various sizes.

– The chance of allergic reaction with lip implants, compared to lip fillers, is very rare.

– Lip implants can also be used on both the upper or lower lip, making them versatile.

– They can be offered in combination with non surgical skin rejuvenation or anti ageing treatments to further improve the overall lip area.

For more information about lip implants – including silicone PermaLip implants – please contact the SurgiSol team. 


Silicone lip implants for improved volume

Choosing silicone lip implants for volumising lip augmentation 

The lip augmentation or lip implants remains one of the most popular forms of cosmetic treatment in the UK, with more and more women choosing to undergo cosmetic treatments to improve the size and volume of the lips. Popular with both celebrities and the public alike, lip augmentations are widely considered one of the most sought after forms of cosmetic enhancement now.

Known by many as ‘getting your lips done’, there are various ways one can augment the size, volume and shape of the lips. Non surgical lip enhancement can be achieved using injectable dermal fillers, although permanent silicone lip implants do offer a longer-lasting and more natural looking result in many cases.  Fat grafting is less common now as the tissue doesn’t always take and results can be uneven.

Whilst dermal fillers and lip fillers offer quick results and not by require any incisions or surgery, permanent silicone lip implants do provide a long lasting solution to thin lips, lack of natural lip volume and uneven lips that rivals or betters injectables. Dermal fillers – when used sparingly – can provide some much needed volume to the lips, and equally lip fillers are excellent for any improvements which need to be made to the lip line specifically, but silicone lip implants such as PermaLip are a permanent volume fix.

People who desire fuller, plumper lips who don’t want to return every couple of months for top-up injections can benefit from choosing PermaLip implants. Most lip surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, making it a comfortable way of getting your lips done.

Choosing to undergo a lip enhancement with permanent silicone lip implants should only be undertaken if you are completely certain you understand the risks as the rewards of this type of cosmetic procedure. Although safe and simple to perform, there is a risk of bruising and swelling from the procedure, but this is the same for any other method of getting your lips done.

Just some of the benefits to undergoing a lip augmentation using silicone lip implants such as PermaLip for volumising lip enhancement include:

– stunning volume enhancement

– quick treatment times

– available at cosmetic clinics across the UK

– long lasting results

– natural looking fuller lips

– no repeat treatment costs, like with dermal fillers and lip filler injections

– PermaLip silicone lip implants come in several sizes allowing you to tailor the augmentation results

– can be combined with dermal fillers and lip volumising injections

For more information about choosing silicone lip implants for volumising lip augmentation contact the SurgiSol team on email or by phone.



Get the celebrity look with permanent lip implants

Are permanent lip implants the secret to celebrity pouts?

We all know celebrities have to look their best at all times, but did you know some achieve that with aesthetic treatments including permanent lip implants?

Celebrity secrets

When you think of your celebrity icons, who do you have in mind? Angelina Jolie? Scarlett Johansson? They’re both naturally blessed with beautiful natural lips, but what can you do if yours are lacking natural volume?

The secret is out: lip fillers have been replaced with permanent lip implants because the results are more natural-looking and last longer. The trend now is for subtle results that last a long time, and thanks to PermaLip this can now be a reality.

When you think of glamorous famous women, you’ll no doubt think of shiny hair and flawless skin, but most also have beautiful lips and a glowing smile. Emulating your favourite star is now possible, thanks to the advanced aesthetic treatments available at clinics. 

Why ditch dermal fillers

Unlike dermal fillers and lip injectables, permanent lip implants are designed to offer a long term solution for women that want a subtle volume change to the top or bottom lip.

Whilst dermal fillers and volumising lip injectables can offer some great results, they’re often unreliable and don’t have results that go the distance. In the same amount of time a patient can undergo procedures with permanent lip implants, but the results last for years not months.

The investment initially may seem more costly than fillers, but the bi-annual top up treatments soon add up. With PermaLip silicone implants you don’t need to revisit the doctor’s office. Simple have the implants fitted and go about your daily life, enjoying the benefits for years to come.

There are numerous reasons to consider a permanent lip augmentation. Benefits to undergoing permanent lip implants include:

  • Safer treatments
  • Long lasting results
  • Speedy treatment times
  • No need for follow up or top up treatments
  • Immediate results
  • Little to no risk of rejection
  • Minimal side effects, inc bruising or swelling
  • Different size implants available
  • Upper and lower lips both suitable for treatment with permanent lip implants
  • Ability to go up in size later on if desired

Getting more information about permanent lip implants

Are you interested in getting a celebrity pout? Unhappy with the results or repeat dermal filler treatments? It may be time to consider permanent lip implants. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have about lip augmentation using silicone implants such as PermaLip.

Take a look at the PermaLip page and discover what these innovative lip implants can offer you. It’s never been a better time to augment the lips by ditching dermal fillers in exchange for lip implants.





Reasons to consider permanent lip augmentation

Why a permanent lip augmentation transform your appearance

If you are unhappy with your lips you may find a permanent lip augmentation could help to improve the size of them. They are popular with women who are looking for hassle-free aesthetic improvements.

Lip enhancement with fillers is usually not permanent but can last for up to twelve months. For a more permanent filling, a soft silicone strip can be inserted into the lips.

Unlike dermal fillers, which only offer short term solutions, a permanent lip augmentation will give you long lasting lip volume. Here are some reasons why you may consider this type of procedure.

Improved lip volume

Volume is the key to beautiful lips. When we think of modern-day beautiful women celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner are firm favourites with many people seeking lip augmentation.

With a permanent lip augmentation, using silicone lip implants such as PermaLip, you can enjoy volumised lips without need repeat treatments. The same cannot be said with dermal fillers.

Larger lips

As well as improving lip volume, PermaLip can give patients larger lips generally. The projection of the lips can be altered to give an overall larger appearance. This is popular with women who have naturally thin top lips.


One benefit to undergoing this type of permanent lip augmentation is the versatility. PermalLip implants can be used in both the lower and upper lips, and in many cases both lips.

Different sizes

Because there are various sizes of silicone lip implant available there is option to go bigger if needed at a later point. It’s advised to start smaller and work your way up to larger implants if you like the volumised appearance.

They can be removed

If for any reason you don’t like how permanent lip augmentation change the shape or size of your lips, they can be removed. This can happen as soon after or late on as necessary.

What are PermaLip silicone lip implants?

PermaLip soft-shell silicone implants. Because of the way they are made they will not rupture or leak, and they don’t grow into the surrounding tissue. Each implant has a smooth surface, which helps to reduce the development of scar tissue.

Each PermaLip implant is shaped to suit the natural shape on the lip. Before the insertion procedure a full consultation is given and the doctor numbs the mouth and lips with local anaesthetic.

Two small incisions are made in the corners of the mouth before the silicone lip implant is then inserted and adjusted. The process is repeated for the other lip (if requested) before the incisions are closed using dissolvable stitches.

The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the case. Every patient is treated individually, and a bespoke procedure should be given to all patients.

Ask for more information

Would you like to learn more about permanent lip augmentation? Find out more about PermaLip implants and how they can help improve your lip volume concerns here or contact us for more information.