Choosing lip augmentation in the UK with implants

PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK

A soft implant designed to be inserted within the top or lower lip, PermaLip implants are often used as part of surgical lip augmentation in the UK. Unlike dermal fillers or lip fillers, this type of lip augmentation is permanent and offers long-term volumisation to the lips.

It’s well-documented ageing phenomena that the lips lose volume and get smaller as we get older, and it is usually the top lip which suffers more than the lower lip. As part of a lip augmention in the UK, the silicone implants provide a natural looking and rejuvenating volume boost to ageing lips.

Providing an immediate lip augmentation in the UK, the implants are available in several thicknesses to alter the projection, shape and/or size of the patient’s lips as part of straightforward minor surgical procedure.

Placing the PermaLip implants involves a very small incision in each corner of the mouth, after a full consultation beforehand. The implant is then carefully moved into place, and the practitioner checks to make sure it’s in the correct position before closing the incisions.

This form of lip augmentation in the UK can be done under local anaesthetic and the main advantage of the silicone implants is that if, for any reason, the patient does not like the results of the lip augmentation using PermaLip implants they can be easily removed.

The biggest advantage of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK over dermal fillers is that this procedure is permanent, and offers a long-term solution to lips that require volumisation or reshaping.

Satisfaction rates on the whole for these lip implants are high; largely because it eliminates the need for the patient to frequently return to the clinic for lip filler top up treatments. Not only can top up treatments with dermal filler in the lips be painful and time-consuming, it can also be an expensive repeat treatment for patients who decide they enjoy the fuller-lipped look.

One of the benefits of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK is that they allow the patient to change the size of the implant as they so wish, or indeed have them removed if they no longer wish to benefit from the volumising effect of the implants.

Replacing a larger implant with a smaller implant can result in some movement, so if you wanted to go down in size you would need the larger implant removed then let the lip tissues heal before starting the process of introducing a smaller implant via a new incision once the lip is healed a month or so later.

The benefit of undergoing PermaLip implants in London as part of a lip augmentation is not only are the results permanent, but the process and procedure is fairly simple, and risk of reaction or complication is much lower than that with dermal filler and lip fillers.

An additional positive of using PermaLip implants over dermal fillers for lip augmentation in the UK, is that unlike permanent fillers they are easily removed. It is difficult to remove permanent fillers without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, but with these soft implants we can easily remove it in one piece just as it went in, making a completely reversible and safe form of lip augmentation for patients.

Another benefit of PermaLip implants for lip augmentation in the UK is that they can be used on the upper or lower lip, though it is undoubtedly more common for patients to seek volumising treatment or reshaping treatment for the upper lip.

For more information on lip augmentation in the UK with PermaLip implants, or to find your nearest cosmetic clinic offering this form of aesthetic treatment, contact SurgiSol directly.