Getting a bespoke permanent lip augmentation

Why a permanent lip augmentation can change your life

Have you been inspired to get a permanent lip augmentation on the back of celebrities posting photos to social media? The truth is, most of these famous faces have undergone lip fillers or volumising lip injections, but the only way to get a long term result and plumper pout is to choose permanent lip enhancement.

A permanent lip augmentation is now possible, thanks to the awareness of silicone lip implants, such as PermaLip. We distribute these clever little silicone implants to clinics across the UK, and we can help you find one offering this form of cosmetic treatment if you would like to try them.

Why choose permanent lip augmentation?

There are several reasons to choose permanent lip augmentation over non surgical alternatives such as dermal fillers and lip volumising injections. First of all the silicone lip implants are safe and durable. The results last a long time and unless you have them removed they will maintain their shape without issue.

The PermaLip implants specifically are designed to change the size of your lips, without requiring top up treatments. They are inserted during a quick aesthetic treatment in clinic and you can go home within minutes of the procedure being completed.

Why can permanent lip augmentation change your life?

Unlike dermal fillers which are injectable in nature and require annual top up treatments (and of course more money to be spent) these silicone lip implants can change your life by offering long term volumisation to the lips.

In the long term the use of lip implants over dermal fillers means you will require less time in the clinic and less spending in the future. It’s also ideal as a confidence booster if you are unhappy with the size of your upper or lower lip.

How is it bespoke?

Every treatment is given after a consultation to determine suitability. After that there are a choice of sizes, depending on the look you want to achieve with permanent lip augmentation.

During your procedure, the surgeon will make incisions to place the silicone lip implants under the skin. He/she will then ensure you’re comfortable with the shape of them and if there’s any issues they can be sorted out there and then.

Who are permanent lip implants suitable for?

 Women who are unhappy with their lips may benefit from silicone lip implants that offer size boosting qualities to the lips. It’s also ideal if you don’t have the time to keep attending repeat treatments in clinic.

More information about permanent lip augmentation

We want to help you get the best treatment with the best silicone lip implants. Contact us to find out which cosmetic clinics are closest to you and offering this form of lip enhancement.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more information about permanent lip implants such as PermaLip. Visit the product page for more specific information about the materials used to create these innovative silicone implants.