Lip augmentation on the rise

Love Island behind lip augmentation rise

According to the latest news lip augmentation treatments are on the rise as a result of popular TV show.

Love Island, the ITV dating show set in sunny Spain, is allegedly behind the rise in women seeking lip augmentation treatments. The surge in lip boosting treatments including lip implants and dermal fillers is all down to the female contestants from the popular show in which couple seek to find love.

The dating show, which ran from June to July, had various glamorous female contestants, known for taking pride in their appearance and being every inch the TV stars. Some of the girls specifically became well-known for their plump lips, including Montana who was the poster girl for the perfect pout.

As a result of these game show contestants making the headlines every day, and the show being one of the most popular ITV has ever produced, it comes as little surprise to know that the contestants have a become hot topic, especially in terms of how they look. However, lips are most certainly one of the most talked about features of the female stars, and for that reason a rise in late augmentation treatments has been reported in several clinics across the UK.

So how can lip augmentation treatments improve the way the upper and lower lip look? The truth is it depends which type of lip augmentation treatment you choose to go for. For example, dermal fillers are an injectable form of treatment which relies on injecting a form of acid into the upper or lower leg in order to change its shape and projection.

On the other hand, lip implants are designed to offer long-term volumisation to the upper and all lower lip, and whilst they cannot change the shape of the lip specifically like dermal fillers can, they can change the size. Often it is the size of the lip that is the cause for somebody to want to undergo a lip augmentation treatment, and so implants (such as PermaLip) are often considered a better long-term form of treatment.

Lip implants including PermaLip offer a reliable and safe method of lip augmentation and can be used as a standalone form of treatment or in combination with other cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or collagen injections in order to get the desired result.

Unlike dermal filler treatment, that offers results lasting just 18 months, permanent lip implants such as PermaLip are designed to last much longer. Not only are the results long-lasting but patients are also free to choose if they would like to further increase the size of the lips with larger implants at a later date.

It is vital that before you undergo any form of lip augmentation treatment you have a consultation with a medical professional or specialist who is fully trained in using lip implants or dermal fillers. Please contact us if you would like to find a medical professional need you to offers lip augmentation treatments that utilise permanent implants such as PermaLip.