Lip implants for lip augmentation

Offering patients lip augmentation using lip implants

For cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons seeking to offer patients a long-term alternative to dermal fillers, lip implants can be a viable solution. Offering patients a long-lasting lip augmentation, the PermaLip implants are ideal to rejuvenate the mouth and transform the shape and size of the lips.

The evolution of lip implants

In the last decade, the aesthetic landscape has evolved significantly. Whilst non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections and lip fillers have remained popular, there has been a rise in the number of patients seeking alternatives to injectables.

Lip implants such as PermaLip have become a popular and well-regarded form of treatment in the pursuit for fuller, more feminine lips. Unlike older implants which may have not offered the natural-looking results hoped for by patients, slim and modern alternatives – like PermaLip, which come in several sizes, give women seeking plumper lips a reliable and safe lip implant.

Despite the almost immediate results offered by a dermal filler lip implants, they are not long-lasting, often giving patients just a few months of visual augmentation. Contrastingly, PermaLip implants are used as a long-term solution to a thin upper lip or lips that are lacking natural volume.

Lip implants are available across the UK in cosmetic clinics and are receiving notable reviews from aesthetic professionals, thanks to their continuing plumping, volumizing and reshaping results.

Benefits of lip implants for lip augmentation over dermal fillers

There are numerous reasons why patients are seeking lip implants for lip augmentation, and turning their backs on dermal fillers.

Permanent lip augmentation – the results of Permalip are long-lasting and will continue to improve the appearance of the lips indefinitely. Of course, patients can choose to have the lip implant removed if they see fit, however in most cases patients are satisfied and happy with the results of their lip augmentation with the soft-touch lip implants.

No top-up treatments – the implants from PermaLip allow patients to have a long-term solution which requires no top-up treatments or repeat injections. The implants are strong and durable, and offer natural looking and natural feeling results.

Different shape and size – lip augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and with PermaLip lip implants cosmetic experts can tailor treatments and offer bespoke lip augmentation procedures to patients. There are various sizes of soft-shell implant available, ensuring a personalised result which looks natural.

Safety is key – it’s well-documented that there are risks associated with dermal filler lip augmentation treatments, and often the results can be undesirable. With PermaLip implants, the sleek product is reliable and extensively tested in terms of standards; the professional administering the procedure are also extensively trained, making this form of lip augmentation a much safer option.

PermaLip: the implants doctors trust for lip augmentation

There are various shapes and sizes of PermaLip implant available, and the natural-looking results continue to prove popular with women across the country seeking a long-term lip augmentation. SugiSol provides PermaLip implants to cosmetic experts across the UK, and can be contacted for further information about this alternative to lip fillers.