Long term lip augmentation with implants

Choosing a lip augmentation with implants for long term volume improvement

When considering volumisation for the lips, it’s important to remove that dermal fillers can only achieve short term enhancement, whereas lip augmentation with implants is long lasting.

In fact, if performed by a true expert in lip augmentation, permanent implants such as PermaLip can provide a life time solution for lips that lack natural volume or contour and shape.

Choosing a lip augmentation with implants instead of dermal fillers has a variety of benefits, not least the long lasting results. As well as being used to add volume to the upper lip or lower lip, PermaLip implants can also be used to augment the shape and projection of the lips.

For those seeking to change the shape of the lip line itself, lip implants may be combined with volumiser injections or dermal fillers, although this is something to discuss during your consultation with an expert practitioner.

Lip implants are a safe and reliable method of augmenting the lips, and the procedure itself is quick to perform. Treatment lasts under an hour in most cases, and local anaesthetic is all that is required; no general anaesthetic is needed and you will awake throughout the procedure.

Lip contouring using implants such as PermaLip provides excellent natural looking results, and in most cases no one should be able to tell the boost to the lip size or change in shape is down to cosmetic treatment. Thanks to the quality of the implant, you can be sure the augmented lip or lips will look great for years to come.

As well as the longevity and reliability offered by PermaLip implants, there are also several sizes available. This variety ensures your procedure is tailored to your needs and goals, and allows for an outcome that is both subtle yet inexpressive.

Unlike dermal fillers which can cause a lumpy or uneven effect, lip implants as part of a lip augmentation treatment create a smooth and natural looking shape, with no unsightly bumps.

Lip augmentation with implants is a popular and effective way of altering the shape and size of the upper or lower lip without repeat treatments or undergoing invasive surgery. The treatment is quick and requires only small incisions, so the chances of scarring are very minimal, which again makes the results even more natural looking.

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