PermaLip for the best lip augmentation

Choosing PermaLip implants for the best lip augmentation treatment 

Could PermaLip implants be the solution for patients seeking the best lip augmentation treatment without surgery? It’s finally time to say goodbye to dermal fillers and reconsider the way you’d like to reshape the lips.

The popularity of lip augmentation continues to rise, especially in the high-profile celebrity cosmetic treatment movement documented daily in the national newspapers and magazines. Always a hot topic with beauty journalists and cosmetic experts alike, treatments to make the lips look fuller are more prevalent than ever before.

The year on year rise in non-surgical lip augmentation continues to make the headlines, and so the demand for non-surgical solutions for thin lips, lack of lip volume, or unsatisfactory shape continues to surge. Whilst dermal fillers offer a quick fix for many of these patients, the more savvy ‘aesthetic shopper’ is turning to non-surgical alternatives to lip fillers which offer a result that lasts – PermaLip!

For female patients who feel their lips lack the definition or femininity – that is widely excepted as a standard in beauty – choosing an implant over fillers can be a solution that offers maximum aesthetic results yet eliminates the need for regular top up treatments.

PermaLip implants offer the long term results many patients are looking for, and the best lip augmentation has never been easier to undergo safely. For patients hoping to improve the size, shape or volume of the top lip, bottom lip or both, there is now a viable option which doesn’t require repeat cosmetic treatments or lip fillers.

Offering a more reliable permanent solution to thin lips, an uneven lip line, or lips that are lacking nature volume, the PermaLip implants are widely considered by aesthetic professionals to be the best lip augmentation treatment in the UK.

Find out how the rich and famous are subtly changing their look by embracing non-surgical lip augmentation with PermaLip implants. It’s time to ask if dermal fillers and lip fillers are really the only option out there, and consider a safer longer term lip augmentation procedure.

Cosmetic lip treatments using these revolutionary lip implants are available across the UK in cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Newcastle, and Essex.

For product advice, videos, testimonials, and procedure information on undergoing lip implants using PermaLip – as seen in publications such as The Harley Street Journal – please contact SurgiSol directly. The team will be delighted to offer you advice or direct you to your nearest cosmetic expert.

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