Pick lip implants for long lasting lip augmentation

Lip augmentation can provide the key to long lasting lip implants

Implants are the quickest and most effective method of long lasting lip augmentation, according to some of the most respected medical experts in the UK. Recognised as one of the most effective ways to transform the upper or lower lip, the small silicone devices can be used to improve volume and the overall shape and projection of the lips.

Implants have continued to make the news in 2017, with many patients now seeking permanent lip enhancements using silicone implants over dermal fillers and injectable treatments. Results are natural looking and lip augmentations are tailored to the specific needs and aesthetic goals of each and every patient.

Unlike dermal fillers and lip filler injections that can be dangerous if used too much, silicone lip implants are a reliable and safe way to increase volume to the lips. There’s no need for top up dermal filler and lip injection treatments, making it a long term solution to lips that lack natural volume.

Popular with women across the UK looking for a long term lip augmentation result, permanent implants such as PermaLip can be used to provide a natural volume boost to the upper or lower lip. In some cases a patient may choose to have both lower lip implants and upper lip implants – it’s entirely up to the bespoke needs of the individual.

Offered by medical professionals including plastic surgeons, PermaLip implants are made of soft silicone to provide a natural looking lip augmentation. This type of lip enhancement can be offered a stand alone lip augmentation treatment, or as part of a wider facial rejuvenation treatment plan using injectables such as dermal fillers.

Lip injections are sometimes also offered with lip implants during a lip enhancement if the shape of the lip and lip line needs altering – PermaLip implants are there to increase lip volume rather than change the shape of the lips. A cosmetic expert will be able to tell you which treatment for lip enhancement, or which combination of lip augmentation procedures, will provide the most personalised result.

Book a consultation for permanent lip implants

Booking a consultation with a medical professional such as plastic surgeon is the best way to determine if lip fillers or lip implants are most likely to provide you with the best result. It’s important you have your aesthetic goals tailored to by an expert who can offer you the best care.


PermaLip implants are available at cosmetic clinics across the country, and we can direct you to the nearest medical expert offering these permanent lip implants if needed. Just email the SurgiSol team – our contact information is on the about us page.