HEINE LED Microlight2 on Lightweight Headband


Designed for medical professionals that need a compact and lightweight illumination solution without magnification, SurgiSol offers the Heine LED MicroLight 2.

A reliable surgical illumination solution, the Heine LED MicroLight 2 is a popular device for those in the medical and aesthetic industries, including cosmetic doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Featuring LED HQ illumination for homogeneous illumination with true and natural colour rendering, it’s ideal for every examination situation, and is ideal for use in consultation to give patients reliable and accurate diagnosis.

There are two effective mounting options available which both offer individuality and easy handling. The HEINE S-FRAME® and HEINE Lightweight Headband – both available from SurgiSol – ensure medical professional can use their Heine LED MicroLight 2 comfortably.

The HEINE mPack® mini is used as the power source, and for intensive use this now features two replaceable connecting cords which connects the device to the new and compact power source for the MicroLight 2.

Giving medical professionals a clear view allows for a precise and accurate diagnosis. The Heine LED MicroLight 2 illumination solution is now an impressive 25 per cent brighter than the predecessor model, and offers homogeneous edge-to-edge illumination of typ. 55,000 lux; an unprecedented improvement that makes this a highly sought after light for doctors and surgeons.

A reliable and outstanding LED light for medical professionals that need to offer examinations in great detail or help provide patients with acutely accurate diagnosis, this illumination solution from Heine will enhance your patient experience and outcome.

Heine products are synonymous with quality and are a recommended and trusted brand within the aesthetics and medical industries. Many medical professionals choose to trust their patient care to the Heine range, allowing for incredibly accurate consultation, diagnosis and procedure outcomes.

There are supporting products including Heine Loupes, Headlights and LoupeLights, many of which can be used in combination to offer outstanding clinical use and outcomes.


Technical Specifications:

  • Illumination: Up to 55,000 Lux at a working distance of 250?mm
  • Colour Temperature: 4,000 Kelvin
  • LED Operating Life: Up to 50,000 hours
  • Weight: 80?g, 190?g together with Lightweight Headband
  • Angle of Declination: Stepless and individually adjustable for every examination
  • Operating Time: Typically 9 hours with mPack mini

Mounting Options:

HEINE Lightweight Headband

  • Lightweight (190?g together with LED MicroLight.) Ideal for spectacle wearers.
  • Fully-adjustable for width to fit any head.
  • Hygienic and comfortable leather cushions.

The HEINE mPack® can be used as the power source. For more information contact SurgiSol.


£1,305.00 excl. VAT

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