Quick lip augmentation with PermaLip

Choosing a quick lip augmentation for the fuller lips

When it comes to quick lip augmentation procedures you may think that lip fillers are the only solution, but there’s a permanent way to transform the upper or lower lips – PermaLip.

Lip fillers have long been a widely-reported solution to naturally thin lips, or lips that require some additional fullness due to the ageing process, however this aesthetic treatment is not without risk. Numerous reports of lumpy results and patients being left deeply unsatisfied with the aesthetic outcome have made the headlines, leaving many women seeking a more reliable lip augmentation procedure.

Why opt for lip implants over lip fillers for quick lip augmentation

PermaLip provides patients with a reliable lip augmentation. Using high-quality lip implants made of silicone, the shape and size of the lips can be altered to suit the patient’s requirements and individual goals. Most importantly, the procedure provides long-term results, which dermal fillers and lip injections simply cannot match.

It’s not just longevity that makes PermaLip a better choice for patients considering permanent lip augmentation. With no injectable fillers required there are none of the side effects one may expect from lip augmentation treatment. Due to the procedure using lip implants – which have been uniquely designed to subtly alter the shape or volume of the lips – there is no risk of allergic reaction to dermal fillers or lumpy, uneven results.

During the quick lip augmentation procedure to augment the lips with the silicone implants, the cosmetic doctor or expert practitioner will assess your needs and goals before recommending a size if PermaLip he or she thinks is most suitable. There are several sizes available making it a truly bespoke and tailored form of lip augmentation.

Once the PermaLip implants size has been chosen the expert will talk the patient through how the procedure works, as well as the risks and complications that can occur. As with any cosmetic procedure, complications with PermaLip lip implants are very rare but they should be considered.

During the procedure, an anaesthetic with be given to ensure the lip implant procedure is comfortable. The practitioner will then make a small incision to enable the implant to be placed under the skin. Once the implant has been placed the expert will smooth the skin and ensure the lip implants itself is in the correct position, with the desired result visible.

The great additional benefit to lip implants instead of lip fillers, is that patients can see the result immediately, making this a quick lip augmentation. Aside from some potential minor swelling the lips will be augmented permanently, and patients are free to leave the doctor’s clinic after treatment is complete. Not only that, but if the implants needs adjusting, increasing in size or removing this can be easily completed at the same clinic.

Undergoing a quick lip augmentation near you

PermaLip implants are available as cosmetic and aesthetic clinics across the UK. To find your nearest quick lip augmentation expert, and to discover the many benefits of PermaLip implants, contact SurgiSol directly.