Why offer lip implants over dermal fillers

Should patients be choosing lip implants over dermal fillers?

A frequent question asked by patients is whether they should choose lip implants over fillers. Whilst dermal fillers and volumiser injections for the lips can improve volume and alter the shape and size of the lip, the results can often be uneven, and in all cases the results are not permanent.

With this in mind, this week’s blog focuses on the positives when considering lip implants over fillers. Here are 6 reasons to consider PermaLip implants to augment the lips without non surgical injectables.

Lip implants are long lasting

As well as providing an immediate affect one of the main plus points for choosing lip implants over fillers is that they last for much longer. In most cases a patient undergoing lip augmentation using dermal fillers or volumiser injections will require top up treatments every 18-24 months; with lip implants like PermaLip only one treatment is needed and the volumised result is there for as long as the patient desires.

Implants for the lips are more reliable

Unlike dermal fillers, lip implants such as PermaLip can be removed if the patient isn’t satisfied, or replaced/enlarged if desired. This tailored approach ensures all patients are given the correct size implant to make a subtle but tangible change in lip size, whereas dermal fillers and volumising lip injections can often make the lips appear overfilled and out of proportion.

Lip implant procedures are quick to perform

Treatment times vary depending on the patient, but most permanent lip augmentation procedures using PermaLip implants take under an hour. In some cases just half an hour is needed to reshape the upper lip or lower lip. Once the consultation is complete, and suitability is confirmed, the procedure itself is straight forward and can be performed swiftly in the clinical setting of your choice. Removing the need for repeat lip filler treatment is a popular reason for why patients now choose lip implants over fillers.

Fewer complications are associated with lip implants

As with all cosmetic treatments there are risks and side effects that must be considered prior to undergoing lip augmentation using PermaLip implants, however one reasons to choose lip implants over fillers is the reliability and safety factor. Unlike lip injections which can cause lumpy or uneven results, implants for the lips such as PermaLip are highly recommended by experts for their reliability and quality.

Lip implants are cheaper

In the long run lip implants are cheaper than dermal fillers because no repeat treatments are needed. Of course, the initial cost is a little more, but when you spread the upkeep costs of lip fillers over the years this becomes quite minimal in comparison.

PermaLip implants can be combined with injectable treatments too

As well as a standalone form of lip augmentation, lip implants including PermaLip are easily used in combination with dermal fillers, where needed, to improve the shape and proportions of the lip line. For example, in older patients, where volume loss includes the lip line, a combination of lip implants and dermal fillers, volumiser injections or lip fillers may be offered.