Boost your confidence with permanent lip augmentation

Can permanent lip augmentation improve your self esteem?

We all know the benefits of dermal fillers when it comes to volumising the face and mouth area, but did you know permanent lip augmentation is available to give the same great results without the need for repeat treatment?

With PermaLip, a specifically designed silicone lip implant, you can have amazing results in as little as 30 minutes. Not only that, the results are long lasting and designed to keep your lips plump for years – not months.

What is a PermaLip implant?

A permanent lip implant is used to improve volume and size of the upper or lower lip. In some cases both lips will be treated using the silicone implants. They are safe and tested to ensure the materials are of a high standard, and are trusted for use by hundreds of doctors, surgeons and medical professionals.

They are not an NHS treatment, but found via private clinics that specalise in aesthetic treatments and procedures. It’s classed as a medical procedure, and therefore should only be offered by trained professionals.

Why choose PermaLip implants?

As well as offering amazing results which last for years, the implants are soft and pliable so they look totally natural. You can choose from various sizes, ensuring the procedure it tailored to your needs and aesthetic goals.

Is a permanent lip augmentation right for you?

Whether or not permanent lip augmentation is right for you can only be determined by booking a consultation. A consultation is the time to ask questions and make sure this form of cosmetic treatment is the right option for you.

Generally speaking, permanent lip augmentations can help women who are lacking natural volume in the lip/s or wish to boost their lip size. Getting fuller lips is the main drive for women to choose this procedure.

These implants cannot change the shape of the lips per say, and they are not a treatment to erase or reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth. If that is a concern you can use PermaLip implants alongside dermal fillers in order to rejuvenate the upper lip and around the mouth.

Will a permanent lip augmentation boost your self esteem?

For many women, undergoing a permanent lip augmentation has had a notable effect on their confidence, thanks to the natural-looking results and quick treatment times. It’s important to feel confortable in your own skin, and lip implants can improve self esteem in just one procedure, unlike fillers which can take several and require top up injections to maintain.

Get more information

If you’re considering PermaLip for a permanent lip augmentation get in touch with SurgiSol today. We can help you locate a clinic or advise you on how the lip implants work in terms of specifics. You can also find more information on the treatment pages and via our social media channels.

We look forward to discussing your journey with you, and hope to offer you the advice you seek when considering permanent lip augmentation.