Choosing permanent lip implants

The long term results of choosing permanent lip implants to get fuller lips

Lip augmentation procedures continue to take the UK by storm, and with many satisfied patients now enjoying the results of their permanent lip implants, SurgiSol is proud to be offering PermaLip silicone implants as part of our portfolio of medical devices.

With more and more cosmetic clinics across the UK offering permanent lip implants such as PermaLip to patients, this week’s blog uncovers the benefits of choosing implants to augment the upper lip.

Until fairly recently, altering the shape or size of the lips was considered a job essentially only for dermal fillers, fat transfer or volumising injections. Whilst fat transfer proved somewhat unreliable in that the long-term results could not be determined in advance, and lip fillers often provided unnatural looking results, lip implants long term reliability continues to impress.

Whilst there is no doubt that lip augmentation treatments using injectables remain popular across the world, there are many reasons why choosing a permanent lip implant – such as PermaLip – over unnatural injectable substances is the key to patient satisfaction. Offering long term satisfaction, no synthetic injectable substances and natural looking and feeling results lip implants such as PermaLip are a winning solution for patients seeking lip augmentation results which really last.

Why choose PeramLip implants?

Permanent implants for the lips, such as PermaLip, are made of soft silicone which when placed under the skin during a short medical procedure leave lips looking fuller. Thanks to the unique silicone used within the implants, patients routinely report that their new improved lips feel natural and look subtly voluminous.

With a smooth and soft overall feel and look of the lips using PermaLip, this form of lip augmentation allows patients to enjoy a feminine pout without even unnatural looking results.

One of the main benefits of PermaLip lip implants is that they are placed during a one-off procedure; there are no costly and inconvenient top of the treatments required making them a popular choice for busy women across the UK. The procedure takes under an hour, and during the initial consultation (prior to treatment) the medical practitioner will explain exactly how the implant is to be placed beneath the skin. Patients are given the opportunity to gain full understanding of the procedure and the medical device they are having implanted.

There are minimal risks and side effects associated with undergoing a permanent lip augmentation using lip implants such as PermaLip. Aside from some initial swelling or bruising to the lip that has been treated, most patients find that the procedure offers a non-invasive method of improving the shape or size of the lips. It is important to note, however, that the use of the implants is offered as part of a medical procedure and should only be undertaken by a medical practitioner who is trained in the specific form of lip augmentation using PermaLip lip implants.

Points to remember

– Unlike lip fillers which can, in some cases, offer unnatural or uneven results, lip implants such as PermaLip are made of smooth silicone and sit perfectly in the lip/s.

– PermaLip implants are shaped specifically to improve the appearance of the lips and come in various sizes.

– The chance of allergic reaction with lip implants, compared to lip fillers, is very rare.

– Lip implants can also be used on both the upper or lower lip, making them versatile.

– They can be offered in combination with non surgical skin rejuvenation or anti ageing treatments to further improve the overall lip area.

For more information about lip implants – including silicone PermaLip implants – please contact the SurgiSol team.