Choosing quality lip implants

The importance of choosing quality lip implants

When it comes to undergoing permanent lip augmentation, it’s vital a patient chooses the best quality lip implants available. When lip fillers are unsuitable or unwanted, the alternative lip implant procedures require lip implants which are quality-assured and come boasting a high safety rating.

Whilst lip fillers and injectable lip plumping treatments have been popular, especially with celebrities, the time has come for a more permanent solution to lips that lack volume or require reshaping.

Cosmetic lip augmentation using these innovative silicone lip implants are available in cities and areas across the UK such as London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Cheshire, Newcastle, and Essex.

Quality lip implants: PermaLip

PermaLip implants from SurgiSol offer quality and longevity, enabling patients to maintain the same results they first enjoyed permanently. Unlike dermal fillers and lip filler injections, the PermaLip implant is designed to offer a lasting improvement to the shape and volume of the lips; requiring no top up treatments or repeat procedures.

Created using the best silicone available, these medical devices come with a certification of excellence and are trusted by plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and practitioners up and down the country.

Reliable and widely considered top quality lip implants, PermaLip represents a high standard in aesthetic solutions, making them a popular option for experts offering permanent lip augmentation to patients.

Stephen Knobel from SurgiSol says the quality lip implants are only set to become more popular in 2017, with demand for lip volumising procedures skyrocketing in the past 5 years.

“The demand for permanent lip augmentation has grown at a speedy rate in the UK. With complications from dermal fillers becoming regular news in the media, practitoners are seeking alternatives to injectables which offer reliability as well as quick lip augmentation treatment times.”

“For cosmetic experts looking to offer the best lip augmentation with long term results and satisfied patients, the time has come to offer more choice and innovative procedures and products. In short, PermaLip implants represent the best in silicone lip implants.”

PermaLip quality lip implants from SurgiSol

For cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons seeking to offer patients a long-term alternative to dermal fillers, lip implants can be a viable solution. Offering patients a long-lasting lip augmentation, the PermaLip implants are ideal to rejuvenate the mouth and transform the shape and size of the lips.

For product specifications or more information on the range of quality lip implants available from SurgiSol please contact the team who can help guide you or visit your clinic to showcase the range in person.