How to get bigger lips without fillers

You can get bigger lips without dermal fillers and injectables

Do you want to know the secret to lip augmentation and how to get bigger lips without dermal fillers or injectable cosmetic treatments? The answer lies in PermaLip silicone lip implants.

It’s long been thought that dermal fillers are the ‘go to’ cosmetic treatment for patients seeking to get bigger lips, however with more and more cases of an satisfactory results being reported and scrupulous medical professionals offering cheap products patients are finally embracing alternatives to lip filler.

Of course in the hands of an expert, dermal fillers can provide patients with excellent results, but we’re seeing more and more cases of poor treatment outcomes. The overfilled look is being replaced with a naturally plump result, making alternative to dermal fillers and lip injections increasingly more popular.

One of these popular treatments is lip implants, such as PermaLip. These soft shelled silicone implants are placed under the skin via micro incisions and create natural looking additional lip volume that many patients find to be life changing.

Having to undergo numerous top-up treatment every year, the beauty of choosing permanent lip implants to get bigger lips is that once inserted you do not need to undergo repeat treatments to maintain the appearance.

The benefits of using PermaLip implants to get bigger lips

There are also lots of benefits to undergoing a lip augmentation using silicone implants such as PermaLip. For example, silicone lip implants are strong and durable meaning they are very unlikely to rupture. They are also available in multiple sizes allowing your medical professional to tailor your treatment specifically to your natural lip contours; you can also use these on the lower lip as well as the upper lip.

The whole purpose of having a bespoke lip augmentation using silicone implants such as PermaLip is to ensure you are provided with the result that looks natural and improves your self-confidence. It’s about offering subtle but noticeable change to the way your lips look, without making them appear overly plumped.

Many patients are choosing to get bigger lips using these silicone implants because it is a one off procedure that can be completed within the hour. Unlike injectable treatments that require follow-up treatment and top ups, which costs more money each time you visit the clinic, undergoing a permanently augmentation means you have voluptuous lips all year round. Many call it an investment cosmetic treatment, because you will be able to enjoy the results for many years to come.

Permanent lip implants can also be combined with other forms of lip augmentation treatment, especially if one of your concerns is lip lines. Some patients choose to use the silicone implants to get bigger lips and then opt for some dermal filler treatment in order to smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the upper lip.

If you want to get bigger lips and are looking for a permanent solution which is safe and reliable, why not book a consultation with a medical professional to find out whether permanent silicone implants are the right option to you?