Life long silicone lip implants

The secret to life long silicone lip implants

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to lifelong silicone lip implants? The days of thinking that dermal fillers and lip injections are the only way to sustain fuller lips are over thanks to the innovative and reliable results patients can attain through using a silicone lip implant.

Silicone lip implants are specifically for use in the lips and are perfectly designed to work with the dynamics of the mouth. Made from a soft silicone that moulds to the shape of the lips and is inserted during a quick procedure, lip implants has transformed the way we view lip augmentation treatments.

Lip augmentation treatments have never been more popular thanks to the boom in celebrities showcasing their cosmetically enhanced lips, and within the industry surveys have revealed that this form of cosmetic treatment is now one of the most popular forms of aesthetic intervention across the UK and America.

Unlike dermal filler treatments to change the shape or size of the lips, the benefits of silicone implants mean that you will not be left with the dreaded duck face, and the results are more likely to be natural. The aim is to have your friends and family commenting on how beautiful your lips look not questioning why they look completely different. It’s this subtle transformation that we know patients absolutely adore.

PermaLip implants are the best lip implants available in the UK and are designed to improve volume to the area without dermal fillers. The procedure to implant them is simple and can be performed within the hour, and your medical professional will discuss with you whether you require the lower lip as well as the upper lip being treated.

Previous patients have reported that the implantation of the silicone implants is comfortable thanks to the topical anaesthetic, and as the results are long-lasting patient satisfaction is incredibly high. There are no other forms of lip augmentation treatment available on the UK market that can offer both of those benefits.

The risk of complications using this type of silicone implant is very rare in the hands of a medical expert, and because the implants can last a very long time we described this as a lifelong lip augmentation. The same results could never be guaranteed with lip fillers and unlike dermal fillers you will not need repeat treatments for years to come.

Dermal fillers can still be used in order to fill lines and wrinkles that may be of concern around the lips and mouth. It is not uncommon for patients to combine nonsurgical volumising treatments such as dermal fillers and silicone lip implants for lip augmentation.

It is best to book a consultation on emerging unprofessional that offers to find out whether or not this form cosmetic treatment is suitable for your individual needs and goals. Please contact a member of the team if you would like to find out whether your local medical professionals are offering PermaLip silicone lip implants.