Natural looking lip augmentation

How to get natural looking lip augmentation results

 When it comes to getting natural looking lip augmentation results, many women are ditching dermal fillers in favour of permanent lip implants. Offering reliable and natural volume to the upper or lower lip, PermaLip implants are designed to work in harmony with the natural aesthetic of the lips.

Rather than over filling them with substances, a silicone implant made of a soft shell is implanted under the skin to boost the size of the lips naturally, rather than over filling with fillers. This type of lip augmentation is proving more popular now with women who are seeking to emulate their favourite celebrities rather than the ‘glamour girl’ of the past.

While some people like the idea of having big lips, ASPS data shows that the number one celebrity lip request medical professionals now hear is for a more natural looking lips, like Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, followed by Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Garner. Whilst some stars like Angelina Jolie have naturally voluptuous lips, there are other famous faces who have undergone huge transformations when it comes to the shape and size of then it. You only need to look at somebody like Kylie Jenner to realise that some still wish to go above and beyond the natural look, however this is becoming less and less common

For those looking to undergo a natural looking lip augmentation, it’s advised to seek the medical opinion of professional who understands facial aesthetics; choosing somebody who specifically deals in lip augmentation procedures can only be a positive step. If it is a permanent lip augmentation that you wish to undergo, choosing the right silicone implant and the right size of implants is a vital part of the journey.

Booking a consultation with the medical professional is the first step in undergoing a natural looking lip augmentation. During the consultation your medical professional we’ll ask you a series of questions regarding what you wish to achieve; once this is complete a course of treatment can be offered.

If you decide to choose permanent lip implants as part of a natural looking lip augmentation, and you will be advised to go away and think about the treatment’s pros and cons before an agreed to date will be set for your procedure. The procedure itself is fairly straightforward and quick, and you will be in out of the clinic or office within a few hours. Typically the procedure takes to 60 minutes to perform.

Initially there maybe some bruising and swelling to the lips that they should subside within a few days and you will be given some anti-infection medication to ensure the recovery process is fast and safe. You will then be invited back in to clinic within a week or two to make sure that the stitches from the incisions are healed and the lip implant is settled.

The results of the permanent lip augmentation are long lasting and you should not need any further treatment until you decide to either change the implants or have them removed. In most cases patients are truly satisfied with their natural looking lip augmentation and are delighted with the results in a long-term capacity too.

 Please contact us directly if you would like any more information about PermaLip silicone implants for the lips.