PermaLip for instant lip augmentation

Choosing PermaLip for instant lip augmentation treatments

PermaLip silicone implants are a reliable and long-lasting way to improve the volume and size of the upper or lower lip, and can provide an instant lip augmentation in under an hour. Unlike dermal fillers which can improve the size of the lips instantly do not last for more than 18 months, PermaLip lip implants are designed to offer patients a lifetime of plump lips and volume.

Below you will find five of the most commonly asked questions about PermaLip and how it conform heart of a personalised treatment plan for an instant lip augmentation.

 What is a PermaLip implant?

PermaLip implants are made of silicone and come in a variety of sizes. They specifically designed to fit and change the shape and size of the lips, and are made of soft silicone to insure a natural look and feel can be achieved during this is permanent lip augmentation. PermaLip is widely considered to be one of the best products for use for lip enhancement treatments.

Where can I find a clinic that uses PermaLip?

There are cosmetic clinics and medical practitioners across the UK offering long-term lip augmentation treatments. PermaLip is available in clinics are up-and-down the country and should only be performed by trained medical professionals. You can find more information about local clinics offering this form of instant lip augmentation by contacting a member of the SurgiSol team.

How long do the results last?

This is the best part of choosing permanent lip implants as part of an instant lip augmentation – the results are very long-lasting. Providing you and your medical professional are happy with the results of the procedure, the silicone implants will last for many years. They do not deflate and they do not disappear overtime; unless you choose to have them removed or swapped for a bigger size they can remain in position for many years to come.

Why should I choose this instant lip augmentation over dermal fillers?

As with all forms of cosmetic treatments, it is entirely up to the individual what they feel comfortable with, however many people choose to undergo permanent lip augmentation – using silicone implants such as PermaLip – because the results last much longer, and in some cases last a lifetime. Whereas dermal fillers and lip volumising injections required top ups at least every 18 months, silicone lip implants serve much longer, providing an instant lip augmentation that can last years.

Does a quick lip augmentation using PermaLip hurt?

Before your quick lip augmentation treatment takes place, the area will be numbed. A local anaesthetic is applied to the areas of incision, so whilst you may feel the implant being inserted it will not be painful and you will not feel discomfort. There may be some bruising and swelling post procedure, which can sometimes feel little uncomfortable, however this should subside within a few hours for a few days at most. Any discomfort post treatment can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers, although most cases these unnecessary.

For more information about permanent lip implants please contact us using the email or phone number found on the contact page. We will be delighted to discuss the benefits of PermaLip or answer any questions you may have.