Permanent lip augmentation in UK clinics

More clinics than ever offering permanent lip augmentation

The news is out! As the trend for fuller lips continues to rise, more cosmetic clinics than ever before are offering permanent lip implants for lip augmentation alongside or instead of dermal fillers.

Whether the patient wishes to plump their pout significantly, or simply opt for a subtle and natural looking boost to the lip line, there are both surgical and non surgical ways to improve the appearance of the lips.

Of course, while injectable lip augmentation treatments remain popular, especially with younger women seeking to improve their pout, the rise of permanent implants continues to make headlines in the UK. Offering a permanent and long-term solution to lips which may lack natural volume or are unsatisfactory in fullness, permanent implants such as PermaLip provide a solution which does not require biannual top treatments and ensure even, natural-looking lip augmentation results.

PermaLip implants are available in various sizes to enable patients to choose the lip fullness they truly want. Made of soft silicone which has been rigorously tested and approved for safety, these lip implants can be used as part of a permanent lip augmentation under the supervision of a plastic surgeon or aesthetic practitioner.

What happens during a permanent lip augmentation using PermaLip silicone implants?

– A consultation is performed by a practitioner prior to permanent lip augmentation taking place. The consultation process allows for the patient to ask any questions and understand the limitations and risks undergoing this form of lip augmentation treatment.

– The implants, which are offered in various sizes, are placed under the skin of the lip during a short, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

– The lips are numbed before very small incisions are made in the corners of the lips to allow the practitioner to place the implant below the surface of the skin.

– Once the implant is in place the practitioner will ensure that the placement is perfect and that the patient is pleased with the appearance of the immediately fuller lips.

– Usually patients will be free to leave the clinic as soon as the procedure is complete. A follow up appointment is then made to check the PermaLip lip implants have settled well, and to see how the patient feel about the results.

– The PermaLip lip implants can be removed at any time if the patient no longer wishes to enjoy the benefits of a fuller lipped look

Lip implant size can also be amended; however it is easier to change the implants to larger sizes rather than smaller. If a smaller implant is required, the implants will need to be removed and the area healed entirely before new PermaLip implants can be re-introduced to the lip.

In nearly all cases most patients are delighted with the results of the permanent lip augmentation, and choose to keep their permanent implants for many years to come. In the right hands, this form of lip augmentation is a reliable and long-term lip volumizing treatment for the net area, and there are very few instances of side-effects or complications as a result of undergoing this form of a cosmetic treatment.

Please contact a member of the team for further information on how permanent lip implants, like PermaLip, can form part of your long-term lip augmentation plans.